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my mysteriously missing comments have all appeared this morning, where or where have they been?

How strange! Until this morning, I have had 5 comments on my blog. Then, this morning, when I went into my login page, 13 more comments mysteriously appeared! Some were written as far back as the beginning of June!! Ann had emailed me once and said she tried to post a comment but nothing showed up. I thought that was strange. Then today, all of the comments appeared, all from Slow Travelers I believe, and all were published comments. In the past, I had to approve and publish each comment.

I now want to belatedly thank everyone again for all of your kind comments and tips and try to respond to a few.

First, thanks for all the well wishes for my trip. It was indeed fabulous! Even my getting sick at the beginning of my trip and my short lived (thank goodness) swollen foot could not stop me from enjoying Italy.

The cherries...well I can't say for certain if they worked or not. My problem was that I could not remember to eat them at night regularly for the first few nights. Also with getting sick during the beginning of my trip, I was up much of the night and dazed during the day. I did not do much better about remembering to eat them every night when I returned home. BUT, they are delicious and I am sure they are good for you so it certainly did not hurt to take them along.

Amy, I did not find that forno around the corner. I wish I had seen your comment earlier as I would have looked for it. I will just have to return!

I think my only regret was that I was only in Bologna for one night. I really love that city and am already thinking about going back there again, especially since I found such a wonderful place to stay! Palma, I have to thank you once again for the great find! I did not realize though that you also ate at Al Sangiovese.

Leslie, if you like peach gelato, you have to try kiwi sometime!! To die for!!

Anne, I can still picture him standing next to me! He was indeed a hunk!! Did you ever get a picture of your gorgeous Italian and his motorcycle?

Kim, I really think my swollen foot was also some sort of heat rash. Thankfully, it did not last too long.

Again thank you everyone for supporting me in this new venture of writing such a public blog. I never know if what I am writing is just a bunch of rambling words no one even cares about but me or if it is interesting enough for others to enjoy. At least now that I am back home, I can add some pictures to make it a little more interesting.


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