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good news on the storm

Crazy weather! Here on Oahu it has been so so windy all day long. What a great day to teach my kids the concept of "windy"! Too bad I didn't plan a kite unit, although with the force of the winds, one or two of my kids could have flown away. They are now saying that the wind we are experiencing is the wind being sucked in to the site of the hurricane.

Meanwhile on the Big Island, it has been pretty calm. Flossie was a Category 2 this morning and is now a Category 1. It looks like we will all be escaping the wrath of this storm. Waves are huge and the Hilo/Kau areas are still the most vulnerable. The hurricane should pass by the southern tip during the night. They did however have a 5.4 earthquake near the Volcano area last night to liven up their lives a little while waiting for the hurricane. Thankfully no major damage from the earthquake. AND lucky Big Island, no school again for a second day! Here in Hawaii, we don't have to make up missed days like those on the mainland do for snow days.

The latest photo from the NOAA site:

Back on Oahu, we have had a horrible fire on the North Shore, which has already scorched 3,000 acres of land and has been out of control for days now. The high winds are not helping matters. Today the smoke was so bad, it crossed over the mountain range and a couple of schools on the Leeward side were closed due to the thick smoke. The fire is on the Wailua side of Mount Ka'ala, on the side of the island where some of the beach scenes have been filmed for the show LOST. I have been on some amazing hikes on the land that is currently burning and have camped up in the mountains in that area. It is so sad to see such beautiful land burn. Houses are threatened and the fire is still not under control. For that reason, rain from the hurricane would be a blessing.

My mini vacation starts Thursday at a beach house up on the North Shore. Hoping that the weather stabilizes, the fire is out, and there is no damage to any of the houses from the fire, and there is no damage on the Big Island.

That is about it for now. ciao!

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My goodness! An earthquake now as well!
I'm glad the storm is abating.

Oh, and your snazzy photo on the last post inspired a thought. I'm going to run a photo competition for my website kids. Thanks for the idea!


Enjoy your vacation! Glad the storm lessened in intensity; we've been following it here too.

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