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a hurricane is headed our way!

Just what we need, a little weather excitement after a very dry summer. Hurricane Flossie is headed our way. Right now it is a Category 4 hurricane. The predictions are that the storm will weaken and stay south of us, bringing mostly rain, high winds, and big surf but you never know with a hurricane and so we are being warned to be prepared just in case.

Here is the latest Central Pacific Infrared Satellite Picture from the NOAA National Weather Service website:

Now, looking at this picture, the storm certainly looks like some sort of threat to me! When a hurricane is heading towards the mainland, everyone is told to evacuate. Not here. There is no where to go. That to me is the scariest part. We do have shelters set up in all of the schools whenever there is a possible hurricane, but I work in one of those schools, and I am not so sure that the schools are a better shelter option, especially the older schools on the islands.

My biggest concern though is for my friends, Katia & Guido. If the storm does hit us, the predictions are that it will hit the Big Island, where they are right now, late Tuesday. Again, it is always difficult to pinpoint the exact direction of a hurricane, but please everyone, keep your fingers crossed for us that the storm passes south and all we get out of it is a little needed rain.

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Oh my GOSH! I have all my fingers crossed! Please keep us updated. We care about you. :)


Here is the latest (from the Honolulu Advertiser website): "At 5 a.m., Hurricane Flossie was continuing to maintain its strength. The National Weather Service said its closest point of approach will be 100 miles south of south point on Tuesday, when Flossie is expected to be a Category 3 hurricane."

I think there is still a lot to worry about with this storm, especially for those on the Big Island. The Big Island is now on an official Hurricane Watch. Thanks Leslie for your concern. Will keep everyone up to date as it continues to get closer.

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