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map of where I have lived, been, and would like to go

My time on the North Shore with Katia and Guido was heavenly! We had so many laughs together. The weather was great. We saw dolphins swimming by, a seal on the beach, and the turtles at their regular spot. I will post pictures and write more soon when I have a little more time.

After dropping off Katia & Guido at the airport, I started catching up on my email and some of my favorite blogs. As usual, I became easily sidetracked. After reading Leslie and Kim's blogs, I started to make my own "Where have I been map" when I should have been doing laundry.

Here is my map:

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Red shows where I have lived - Massachusetts, Colorado, Washington, and Hawaii. Blue shows where I have visited. Green shows where I would like to go (if I can every find enough time to visit both Italy and another place when I have time off and the money to travel).

To clarify, I have only been to the southern part of China on a daytrip from Hong Kong. I guess that China could be both blue and green as a place I have been and also a place I would like to go to. Also, I have only been to a tiny portion of Mexico - Tijuana and so again a big place gets marked but I have only seen a tiny portion of the country. At this point, I don't have a big desire to spend more time in Mexico and so it would not be a "green" place. I have never been to New York City but have been to upper state New York, to Lake Placid when I was little where I won a free round of miniature golf for hitting the ball into the mouth of some animal (I think it was an alligator). I still have that free ticket coupon. I also did not count Rhode Island where I have departed from but have not spent time in (except the airport) and places where I have stayed over night at an airport hotel except for New Jersey since I Kim gave me a little tour of the area we did have dinner outside of the airport hotel.

Oh, and why Madagascar? I always wanted to have control of that country when playing Risk. I liked saying the name. A few years ago, I found out that a friend of mine lived there and found her stories so interesting about growing up there. Perhaps one day?

Well, back to laundry and other fun things!

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I'm so pleased I found that map - aren't we having fun with it? I was researching my upcoming trip to Dubai.
One of my students with a website has been to SO many countries. When I get some time, I will ask her to do one. It should be a beauty!
Yours is great!

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