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100 things about me...

I figured it was about time to tell everyone a little bit more about myself. I thought that thinking up 100 things about me would be a tough task but it ended up being pretty easy. I even had a few more leftover which I will save for another time.

So here goes...

1. I grew up in a very small town in Massachusetts (there were only 2 stop lights in the town).
2. I am the oldest of five children. I have two younger sisters and two younger brothers.
3. I am a huge Red Sox fan. Did I say huge? Make that obsessive! I even wanted a job at Fenway being one of those bat or ball girls when I was little.
4. I was a cheerleader in high school.
5. I also held the javelin record in high school, even though I lost to everyone on the track team in arm wrestling.
6. I graduated from Worcester State College with a bachelor’s degree in Communication Disorders (speech/language therapy).
7. I was briefly engaged while in college. That didn’t end well (I will leave it at that).
8. In 1981, I flew for the first time to Colorado to attend graduate school.
9. I graduated with a master’s degree in Communication Disorders (GO RAMS)!
10. I worked as a bartender and a coat check girl while living in Colorado.
11. I spent as much time as I could visiting my aunt and uncle in Steamboat, Colorado and have so many wonderful memories.
12. I love downhill skiing although I am not a great black diamond skier.
13. I am not as much of a fan of cross country skiing.
14. I love snow. I just don't like cold weather.
15. I bought a one-way ticket and moved to Hawaii the day Kilauea Volcano on the Big Island started to erupt, to do my internship during my last semester of graduate school.
16. I have wanted to live in Hawaii since I was a little girl.
17. When I was little, I used to watch "Let’s Make a Deal" with my grandma and always told her that if I won the trip to Hawaii, I would take her with me. My grandma did visit Hawaii once before she died.
18. I also watched the show “Little People”, (a show about Hawaii), which sealed the deal on my wanting to live in Hawaii.
19. I worked on a sailboat serving Mai Tai’s for a few months.
20. I dated a surfer for a while.
21. I went to Hong Kong (my first trip out of the country) in 1985.
22. I was a Speech/Language Therapist for 5 years.
23. During that time, I went back to school and graduated with a master’s in Special Education (GO BOWS).
24. I started working on my genealogy around this time.
25. I was always told that I was Italian & Jewish (mother’s side), and Irish (father's side).
28. I found out that I am Italian & Jewish (mother’s side), and Irish, Scottish, English (father’s side).
26. During a visit to Massachusetts, I dragged my mom and dad to 4 churches in the North End of Boston in search of the marriage record of my grandfather’s parents (mother’s side). I found the record at the last church.
27. My great grandfather was born in Montefalcione and my great grandmother was born in Lapio, both in the province of Avellino, in Campania, Italy.
29. I also went to Martha’s Vineyard with my mom and dad to seek out some of my great-grandfather’s family history (father’s side).
30. I saw the streets named after my family in Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard.
31. I also saw the inn in Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard, which used to be a tavern that my family owned for over 100 years. If only we owned something on Martha's Vineyard now!
32. There was a ferry that ran across a river in Rhode Island that my father’s side of the family ran. It is now a bridge named after my family.
33. I have yet to find the birth place of my great grandmother (mother’s side) whose family came from Russia.
34. I also have not found the birth place of my great grandfather (mother’s side) whose family came from Austria – when he arrived it was the Hungarian/Austrian nation.
35. And, I have not found the place where my grandmother’s mother and father were born (Scotland and Ireland).
36. I have stopped the genealogy for a while but need to get back at it…it may have to wait until I retire though as it is a big task and I am at the point where it is like a needle in a haystack for my two grandmothers’ families.
37. I moved to Washington and lived there for two years.
38. Things did not work out.
39. I did not like the weather and missed Hawaii much too much.
40. I moved back to Hawaii the summer before Hurricane Iniki hit.
41. I bought a studio townhouse the following spring.
42. I think I now own the door and maybe a couple of the windows.
43. I started teaching preschool special education in 1994.
44. My 4-year old students from that class will be graduating this year!!
45. That sure makes me feel OLD!!
46. I love being on a boat and even just being around boats.
47. I sailed with friends to Molokai and Maui for a weekend trip. A trip I will never forget!
48. My mom, dad, sister, and brother moved to Hawaii when my dad retired. My uncle moved here a year later.
49. I started taking Italian classes in 1999 because I wanted to go to the villages where my great-grandparents were born and figured not much English would be spoken there (I was correct).
50. I took the leap and bought a plane ticke and a Eurail ticket.
51. AND I went to Europe for the first time in 1999.
52. I visited France, Italy, Austria, the Netherlands, and Belgium.
53. I fell in love with Italy.
54. I have been back to Italy 7 more times.
55. My mom passed away suddenly from a heart attack in Feburary, 2000.
56. I finally went to see my great-grandfather's birth place, Montefalcione, in the summer of 2000.
57. I also visited Capri that summer, a place my mom always wanted to visit.
58. It was difficult not being able to share my visits to Montefalcione and Capri with my mother, but I knew somehow she was with me in spirit.
59. I have not yet visited Lapio (where my great grandmother was born) but hope to go there one day.
60. I went to my first opera in Verona in the summer of 2000.
61. I studied Italian in Siena for two summers (5 weeks total).
62. I attended the Palio in June, 2001.
63. I have a picture on my wall of the Palio with the horses racing and the big crowd in the middle. I am somewhere in that crowd.
64. Wednesday, October 27th, 2004 – the RED SOX won the World Series!! One of the most memorable highlights of my life. (2007 was a bonus)
65. I watched the final game when they won with my dad - a dream of mine. Red Sox fans world wide can now all die in peace.
66. I love taking photographs, especially in Italy.
67. I have taken a couple of photography classes (one many many years ago and one more recently).
68. I am now more critical of my photos – not sure if that is a good or bad thing.
69. I am thinking of finally getting a DSLR camera but am a little overwhelmed with all the lenses and photo talk at that level.
70. I will probably need to take more photography classes. I need to find the time for this.
71. I can retire in 7 1/2 more years!
72. I will still have to work but maybe I will be able to find a less stressful job.
73. I love technology.
74. Perhaps I will take some classes and find a job in the technology field (entry level of course with all the geniuses out there…don’t think I could compete with them).
75. Or maybe I will try to get a job at Borders?
76. I am NOT a morning person. Never was, never will be.
77. A job that started at 10 or later would be a dream job for me!
78. I love cats.
79. I grew up next door to a mean dog.
80. The dog bit me when I was little.
81. I am afraid of dogs.
82. I am also afraid of thunder and lightning.
83. And I am afraid to fly. Ativan helps.
84. I love the color purple (the movie was good too, but I am talking about the color).
85. My favorite foods: strawberries, nectarines, & Maine lobster.
86. I also love chocolate – but can’t eat it anymore as it is a major migraine trigger.
87. Perfume and cigarette smoke smells also give me instant migraines.
88. I don’t like mushrooms and black olives but love green olives
89. I love gelato. My favorite flavors are peach, coffee, pistachio, & hazlenut
90. I love good Italian food
91. I have been spoiled by Italy and now can no longer drink American coffee
92. My youngest sister has Down’s Syndrome.
93. She went to the World Games for Special Olympics this past October.
94. My youngest brother is deaf.
95. He was in a bad car accident and has a traumatic brain injury
96. My other brother still lives in Massachusetts. He and his wife have two children
97. My other sister lives in California. She has two children.
98. I am still waiting for my prince charming.
99. The hot flashes have begun
100. Yikes!! …. A new chapter in my life begins.

*Edited to add: The idea of the "100 things about me" came from michelle's bleeding espresso blog, which is one of my favorite blogs. You can find her 100 things here. Thanks michelle!

Comments (9)

That was really a great read. I actually went and got a glass of ice tea, then read it again. You don't know how many things we have in common - h'mm, I wonder which of us is older?

Congratulations, you did a terrific job on your 100 Things. It's a credit to you and I really appreciate knowing you better. :)

It made me think about something I posted last year, so I have decided to repost it.


What a fantastic idea!! I must steal it...er, I mean follow your example and come up with a list of my own.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and learning more about you and your family. #53 certainly resonates with me (and I suspect a good many other SlowTravellers!!)

You truly have my sympathy on the migraines. Thankfully I've only had a handful in my life, but my mom suffered from them for years (she rarely gets them now that she's retired though...she too was a teacher, high school though.)

Now I must go check out Leslie's blog and see what she reposted. You may have started a trend here! :)

Leslie, thanks as always for your positive comments. Yes, I wonder who is the older one?

Anne, I actually stole the idea from sognatrice's bleeding espresso blog. I read somewhere that if you post a website in a comment, more spam comes your way, so I will write it out:
bleedingespresso dash sognatrice dot blogspot dot com
She has a great blog! It was the first blog I started reading on a regular basis.

I had to go immediately to see what #53 was...and yes, I understand! I should have put that one as number 1! :-)


I tried to trackback on this one but got an error message; not sure why. But anyway, I loved the idea! It was fabulous reading your list, so I posted my own.

These lists are really fun to read!

I'm also a single, Italy-loving, obsessive sports fan (my team is the UNC Tar Heels, currently undefeated and ranked #1 in the nation, so I am enjoying this season immensely so far).

What a fabulous list! I hear you on the genealogy. I've let my searches fall by the wayside b/c honestly, they're just *too* challenging at this point. But I'll get back into my searches in Germany and Lithuania someday :)

Also I first visited Italy and my grandmother's family's town a few months after she passed away; like you, I wished I could've shared the experience with her, even through photos, but I knew she was with me in spirit...probably pushing me to move here as it were ;)

Ah, and thanks for all your kind words!

Isn't it interesting how much we do all have in common with each other. For every list I read, I can always find a few things I share with that person.

Kim, it was fun reading your list also!

Annie, glad you enjoyed my list. Thanks for stopping by!

michelle, isn't genealogy so consuming? After I posted this, I put in a couple of family names in google and ended up being up til 2 am. I thought I had a new lead, but it ended up being another dead end.


What a great idea! I didn't know you were afraid of dogs, although I did know you hated flying. but how else to get to Italy???

I'm very, very afraid of clowns. Also, birds. Except robins, for some reason they seem benign.

It's a shame about your migraines....perhaps the hot flashes and all that goes with them, will change things.

And I hope you're not too critical of your photography, I think you have talent.

Anyway, that's a great list. It must have been an interesting experience, just putting it together.


Sandra, yes, I have had a dog fear most of my life. I do have a few dog friends however. And, if a boat was available to Italy, I would take it. Wow, clowns, huh? They can be a bit strange at times.

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