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my visit to Montefalcione

My second trip to Italy, in the summer of 2000, included a visit to the Campania region. This is the region where Montefalcione and Lapio are located. My great-grandfather was born in Montefalcione and my great-grandmother was born in Lapio. My hope was to visit at least one of these two towns while staying in this region.

I met a friend who would be joining me on my Sorrento leg of my trip in Florence the day before we were to travel to Sorrento. We traveled by train the following day. After a day or two, we stopped at the tourist information booth where I inquired about directions and transportation options to get to Montefalcione. The man at the desk offered to take us if he would be going that way during the week while we were in Sorrento, and if not, he would try to find someone else to take us there. I was thrilled as I thought the only way to get to Montefalcione would be spending most of the day on trains and buses. That evening, he called me and said that his brother, Luigi, would be able take us the following day.

Luigi arrived at our hotel at 8am the following morning. After years and years of genealogy research, Wednesday, July 5th, 2000, would be the day I would finally step foot on the land of my great-grandfather's birthplace! I was a little nervous at first not knowing this man, but he turned out to be a very kind person. It took us about two hours to get to Montefalcione because part of the Salerno to Avellino autostrada was closed for construction. We had to take a long detour up and down a mountainside, stopping for directions a few times along the way. I know I would have never found it on my own. Montefalcione is located up high on a mountainside (monte=mountain). It seemed to me to be a pretty modern little town. We drove thru part of the town and then parked the car.

Luigi took the picture of my great-grandfather along with my genealogy list with of all my relatives' names from Montefalcione and started to ask some of the people if they knew if any of my relatives were still living in the town. Because Montefalcione is not a town where many tourists visit, we seemed to be quite a curiosity to many of the residents of the town. They seemed quite amazed that I came all this way looking for relatives. We did find a woman whose mother had the same last name as my mother but her mother was very old now and would not be able to help us.

We then went to the main piazza. This is a picture of Luigi and the main street in the town. Pictures in this post were scanned into my computer. Unfortunately I did not have a digital camera at the time and did not take that many pictures of the town.


After we parked the car, I noticed a sign above the police station with the name “Montefalcione” on it. I started to take a picture of the sign. A female police officer was just walking out of the door as I took the picture.


She was upset at first that I was taking a picture of the police station. However, once I explained who I was and why I was taking the picture, she devoted the next hour helping me find any of my possible relatives in the town. It was a good thing Luigi was there to help with the translation. They both were wonderful. I would have given up long ago and would have just been happy seeing the town, but they were determined to help me find a relative.

The police officer had us follow her as we drove to a house up on a hill of a woman who may have known some information about my relatives. She unfortunately was not home. We then drove to a to the house of a man with the same last name as my mother. He did not think that we were related.

View from his house:

When doing my genealogy research and looking at the microfilms from the town of Montefalcione, it seemed to me that many of the people in the town married close relatives as there were not many surnames in this town back in the 1880’s. The police officer told me that there were many Martignetti’s still living in Montefalcione (my great great grandmother's last name).

While wandering through the town, we walked by a few churches. One of the churches had the the name Angelo Raffeale Martignetti on it! My great-grandfather’s name was Angelo Raffaele and his mother’s name was MariaTeresa Martignetti. I was pretty excited to see my family's name on this church. It was also on the gate of the church.


Close up of the name on the church:

Close up of a little boy peeking out at me while I was taking the picture of the church:

I don't have a picture of the biggest church (which I assume was the main church) in the town as it had scaffolding on it. This is a picture of another church in the town:

My guess is that I was probably somehow related to many of the residents of the town. I could have even been related to the police officer who helped me. Even though I did not find any definite relatives, just finally standing in the town where my great-grandfather was born was very exciting! I was greeted warmly and everyone I met was very kind to me. I treasure the memories of this trip and hope to return some day as well as to visit Lapio, another town nearby, where my great-grandmother was born.

This is a picture of my great-grandfather, Angelo Raffaele and my great-grandmother, Giovanna on their wedding day. They were married at Sacred Heart Church, in Boston's North End, on April 6, 1902.

**Thank you to everyone who has left a comment on this page. I have been humbled & amazed! 78 comments!! I need to let everyone know that I may not be checking my comments anymore on this site because I have transferred all of my blog posts over to a new blog...

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Comments (77)

Oh my. I am overwhelmed at this. I think it's incredible that you made the time and effort to go there and to do this.

Your writing and pictures are very evocative. Thank you for posting this.

What a wonderful post sharing your adventure. But you know I'm a sucker for this sort of thing ;)

Leslie and sognatrice, I am glad you liked this post. It was a very special day for me. I have always loved reading about others finally getting back to the birthplaces of their relatives and decided to finally share my exciting visit.


hi i am from montefalcione it was great to see your photos my mum lives near the church it was GREAT

Ciao Angela!
Thanks for stopping by. How exciting to hear from someone from Montefalcione! Which church does she live by? Have you been to Lapio? I hope to return to Montefalcione some day to spend more time there and take more pictures and to also visit Lapio where my great-grandmother is from.


Hi, Enjoyed looking at your pictures. My husband was born in Montefalcione and we
took our 3 children there back in 1996 so they could see their roots. It was wonderful
we donate for that feast (St. Anthony's) every year. I live in Long Island N.Y. there are many living here Pugliese, Musto,Caponi that originate in Montefalcione. If I can help in any way let me know.

Hi Phyllis, How wonderful that you were able to take your children to Montefalcione. I am sure they will always treasure the opportunity to visit the birthplace of their father. It took me years to even find out that my great-grandfather was from Montefalcione. I originally just thought Naples, since that was on his naturalization papers. Thanks for the post and for the offer!! I may just take you up on that.

Franca Cavallini:

You made my day on this cold Canadain morning.

My parents are both from MOntefalcione. My father's family name is Cavallini, in fact the frist picture that you took in the town is were my zia lives , you were parked only a few feet away from her home.my cousin live just across from her and my own great gradefather home were my own father was born is just behind up the road and around the corner.
Were I found it even more interesting was the name Noviello name.There is a family there by this name and they are related to me on my mothers side the Baldassarre family. Tony Noviello who still live there today is third cousin to my mother. I am very surprised that you did not find him on your trip he did not live fare from middle of the town, and if your wanted to know anything he would of been the person to tell you the stories of your family. In fact on my own frist trip to the home town it was he who knew my family story about my mothers side of the family and it was he who helped me fine my grandparents in the cemetary and other people that I was related too.
In fact his son Alfonso Noviello is married to my cousin on my father side, so you see I am related to both of them and her name is Assunta Cavallini.
The other name that you had writen was the name D'Amore. I know of a family name here in Toronto and in the home town they are not related to us but my parent are godparents to their son.
Anyway , like I said you made my day. Thank you for this. It is aways nice to see or read about people that are looking for who they are and where they come from. I hope to find out more about my own family on my next trip there in about two years time.

all the best
Franca Cavallini

Franca, I really enjoyed your comments. How exciting to hear from another person familiar with Montefalcione. Small world huh? I really enjoyed all of the info you provided!! We just may be related.

Pina Barberio:

I'm also doing some research for my father Angelo Rafaelle Barberio that was also born in Montefalcione. He'll be so happy to see your pictures which I'll show him tonight. The last time I was in Italy was in 1969 and hope to go back and visit family in the near future. My father's cousin Gabriella Barberio passed away just before Christmas and she had a country house in Montefalcione that used to belong to my father's grandparents. She was actually the only cousin left on my gradfather's side of the family. My father's mother side of the family are Cataldo and my mother's side of the family are Musto.

It's amazing what a small world it is after all. If you have more pictures to post I'd love to see them.


Pina from Montreal, Canada

Pina, what a small world indeed! I am thrilled that my photos and post will make your father happy! Those are all the photos I took that came out. Unfortunately I did not have a digital camera back then. I remember hearing the name Cataldo when growing up. Not sure if they were relatives or just friends of the family. thanks for your comment!! I hope you are able to get back there someday soon.


My grandmother is from Montefalcione. Her brother is the man who started the "Martignetti Liquors" in Boston and Springfield, Massachusetts. My mother's uncle Tony just passed away (rest his soul). He was the last of the generation.

Time marches on.

That part of my family is fragmented now. They live all-over. There's a group of them in the Florida Keys now and on the palm beaches too. If you ever go down to that part of Florida there's a gelateria and cafe (Dolce de Palma) that sells somethings I think are cool...

Panini Montefalcione:
Mortadella, Salami, Cappacola, Red Onion, Provolone, Tomato, & Argula.

Forza Avellino:
Sausage, Roasted Peppers & Onions, & Provolone.

My father's family is from Ireland and my mother's from Italy. This is very common in the States. I have some uncles who speak Irish and maybe a cousin or two, but it's pretty much extinct here. As far as the Italian language goes, I was told that growing up my mother and her siblings were forbidden from using it because they were to grow up American. Interestingly enough, Spanish is quickly become a common tongue in my Celt-Italo-American family. I've carried on conversations with uncles and cousins in Spanish from time to time. I still find it odd that I speak more Italian than my mother, but that's probably due to the fact that the transition from Spanish to Italian is somewhat easy.

Developing our Irish Italian ancestry into a proto-Celtic-Latin (Spanaird) seems to be the logical middleground for my decendents.

I'd like to take a flying visit to Montefalcione and look for some olive varieties I could grow on my orchard in Texas (and maybe even a wife... Now that's a thought).

One thing is for sure. Our devotion to our Catholic faith hasn't waned any. In fact, I'd bet it's stronger today than it was a generation ago.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment :) Hey we could be related! If I ever get down to the Florida Keys, I surely will try to check out Dolce de Palma. It's too bad the Italian language was discouraged. If not, we might have grown up learning a bit ourselves.

Rossana De.Matteis:

che bellezza ...How wonderful to see photo's of Montefalcione, my mothers birthplace I visit the village often with my family and have always spoken of my relatives ..finding my roots is so important I was born in England yet my heart is in Italy. We use to spend all our summer holidays in Italy especially Montefalcione and taurasi my fathers birthplace.
I have since travelled with my family to various parts of Italy and it does not surprise me to see such beautiful towns and cities full of wonder and culture, yet Montefalcione and Taurasi tug at my heart strings.
By chance i have recently come to learn my great grandmother on my grandfathers side Carmine Anzalone was a Giuseppina Catalano, i was so interested to know that you too have relatives of that name.
My mother cannot remember further details and I would be so grateful if you could enlighten me with any further information you may have on the name Catalano from Montefalcione. A Presto ...Rossana.

K :

What a great story!
I live in Bedford, UK where lots of Italians came to work on the brickworks in the 50s.
There are Martignettis in the town here and i know a few are descended from Montefalcione families. Just a thought. ..! Good Luck in your search!

claudio catalano:

my dad was from avellino he married in australia diedi 1985 at age of52 due to brain tumor his name was angelo catalano, my mums name is rachele catalano(nee Severeno) she came from altavilla, my dad was born in 1933 all his brothers and sisres died young his parents died young

Michael Maloney:

Hi, I just saw this post of your visit.

I too visited Montefalcione in 2006!

It is the town of my mother's ancestors. Her maiden name is Martignetti. We are probably related. Do you know the name Louis Martignetti from West Roxbury? He was my grandfather.

I had a wonderful time visiting my cousins in Montefalcione while I was there. One cousin of mine Giuesppe Festa is the head of Misericordia for the Avellino Province. He was very gracious and welcomed us into his home and took us all out to dinner!!!!

I hope to get back again soon. I'd love to live there for a while just to soak it all in.

Ciao cugino!

Email me, let's see if we can find a common ancestor!!!!!!!!

Michael Maloney:

email is newscott@juno.com

Michael Maloney:

Oh and I just read Jimmy's post above. My great grandfather, Carmine Martignetti, had a first cousin (also a Martignetti) who married the man who founded the Martignetti Liquor Store business. Jimmy, did you know that 3 of that man's grandparents were all MARTIGNETTIS? Wild, eh?

K, Claudio, and Michael, I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. Things have been crazy since I have returned from Italy and then started my new school year (teaching preschoolers). Once things calm down, I will have more time to respond with more information. I do think we are all somehow related since Montefalcione is such a tiny town and it appeared to me when looking at the old records of the town that there were not many families living in this town. a presto....


I am from montefalcione...and i live in bedford!
My grandma was a martignetti, and her brothers still are...Giuseppe and Franco...
Their dad was a Federico Martignetti...if anyone could link with me that would be great!

Grazie mille...
ah...indirizzo email: agensale@gmail.com

I continue to be amazed with all of the comments I get with relatives from Montefalcione...such a small village. I owe so many emails on this topic. Things are still crazy at work, but I am off the first week in October. I promise to email everyone then if not sooner. Thanks so much for your comment Agensale!


What a small world. My grandfather Luigi Goduti was born in Montefalcione and my grandmother Giuseppa Carbone was born in Lapio Italy. I have visited Lapio briefly on a tour and had a cousin visit Montefalcione only to find the cemetary had markers with Coduti on them. I hope to visit there in the near future.


Ellen Goduti

James Martinette:

I also have been to Montefalcione in search of my family. I have also written a story of my trip. I have lots of pictures. My grandfather was Carlo Martignetti and my grandmother was Adeline Noviello from Montefalcione. I know we are related, and would like to see how we are related. I love your story. Is it possible to post my story to this page. Please keep in touch.
Jim Martinette

Ellen, I apologize for the late reply! That is amazing that we both have family from both Montefalcione & Lapio!! I do hope to get to Lapio one day and would like to return to Montefalcione now that my Italian is a little better.

Jim, my great-grandmother, Maria Teresa Martignetti had 2 brothers that I know of - Pasquale and Angelo. Her father was named Giuseppantonio and his parents were Luigi Martignetti and Rosaria Noviella. The informants for Luigi's death certificate were Giovanni Noviello and Nicola Noviello. I would be happy to link this post to you if you have your info and photos posted somewhere. It would be fun to see more Montefalcione photos!

I still owe so many of you emails....things have been crazy here and probably will be til Christmas time. My goal now is to try to email all of you during my Christmas break (I will try anyways). thanks again everyone for commenting! I am amazed at how small this world is!!

Buona Fortuna:

Thanks for the interesting story about your family- I think we may be related. I have relatives in Montefalcione and Lapio. Do you know the names of your great grandmother Romanos parents? Please PM me at buonafortuna@live.com.


Hi there

My mum came over to England in the 50's. Her parents are Picardi's and from Montefalcione.
I visited there many years ago when i was 7. My memories are not very vivid but i remember Grandad treading grapes and making his own wine.
Does anyone know of the Picardi family? Both my Grandparents passed away many years ago but maybe i still have family there.

Joe Pescatore:

Hi, I just read your story of Montefalcione. It was wonderful. It is the birth place of both of my grandparents, Umberto Pescatore and Teresina Picillo. They also married at Sacred Heart around 1904 and had seven children. They lived on Thatch and Endicott Street before moving to Somerville. Last fall I started a genealogy project for my family and this March my wife and I along with my oldest son Dan who is studing in Bologna will visit Montefalcione during our trip to Italy. I would be interested in finding relatives of Luigi and Catarina Petrillo D'More the people who raised my grandfather and relatives of Gennaro and Catarina Sordillo Picillo.
In reading the comments posted I see so many similarities to the people who wrote them, like why we were never taught Italian or being half Italian and half Irish or recognizing a lot of the surnames. It is very exciting.

Thank you again for your story.

Joe Pescatore

I apologize for being so bad bad keeping up with commenting and requests on this post. I am amazed at the number of people who have left me comments and have family from Montefalcione. None of my friends from Italy have ever even heard of this little town.

Buona Fortuna, it was good chatting with you through email. Good luck on your search. I would love to hear about your trip to Lapio and Montefalcione after you return this spring.

Mary, cool memory. Too bad you were so young when you visited Montefalcione. I don't have any information on the Picardi family. Good luck!

Joe, great to hear from you! How exciting to be visiting Montefalcione this spring. Your son is lucky to get to be studying in Bologna. I had a wonderful time there this past summer. I don't have any D'more relatives but I do have an Antonia D'Amore in my line. She was married to Giovanni Noviello and was the mother of Rosaria Noviello who married Luigi Martignetti. Good luck on your search. I would love to hear about your trip and appreciate your comments about my story.

Joe Pescatore:

Hello again, my wife Pam and I just returned from our trip to Italy. There we met our oldest son Dan who is studying in Bologna. It was Pam's first visit so we toured the usual sites. It was fantastic but the the highlight for me was the visit to Montefalcione. This is also the commune of my ancestors. What a feeling. A beautiful little town with wonderful people. I was able to get an official Birth Record of my grandfather Umberto Pescatore. Next fall I will apply for dual citizenship if all goes well. We are planning a trip next summer to Sicily to visit Pams relatives in Messina.

Thanks for your story it really got me on the road to Montefalcione.
Joe Pescatore

Hi Joe,

I am so happy that you were able to visit Montefalcione! That is so exciting that you were able to get an official Birth Record of your grandfather. I am glad that my blog post helped to get your on the road to Montefalcione. I am returning again to Bologna this summer. I hope to return to Campania next summer and hopefully visit both Montefalcione and Lapio (birthplace of my great grandmother). Thanks for sharing about your visit!

I must say I am very happy to hear people speaking of such an amazing village. I also want to thank those few people that have mentioned my Paninoteca in Palm Beach called Dolce de Palma. Our family is originally from Montefalcione, as well,and my sisters and I grew up in Medfield. I have been trying my hardest to nurture the old fashion trends Nonna y Nonno taught us growing up. I was absolutely amazed to see the farm to table life style of such purity, that my main influences today are to sustain the classics, and prepare the freshest food daily. If any of you are in the Palm Beach area please stop by and have a Montefalcione Panini or a cup of homemade Gelato.

Anthony De Palma

Ciao Anthony, I sure will stop by if I ever get to the Palm Beach area of Florida. Glad to meet another possible relative :)

Tom Natola:

To Joe Pescatore:

I too am a descendant of Gennaro and Catarina Sordillo Picillo. My family surnames are Lauretano on my Mother's side and Natola on my Father's side. Both from The North End. I know that we are related because I have heard my mother speak of Pescatore's.


Tom Natola

maria fabrizio casey:

I just stumbled upon this website googling the town of Montefalcione. My parents are both from Montefalcione my mom's maiden name was Martignetti and she was the niece of the liquor store Tony Martignetti. My grandfather Giuseppe was his brother. My father' family name is Fabrizio. I had the good fortune of vacationing in Montefalcione in my youth spending my summers there with my grandparents and also live there for 3 years attending Dante Alighieri Liceo Linguistico during my high school years and still keep in touch with close family and friends. It is amazing to have had the opportunity to experience the culture, friendships and history of this beautiful town,


Tom, thanks for stopping by. Hopefully Joe will see your comment.

maria, I bet we are related! I have been amazed at how many people have found this post with connections to Montefalcione. I have always wondered if my family was related to the owner of the Martignetti liquor store. I enjoyed reading your comment and your luck of getting to spend so much time in this beautiful little town. I do hope to go back there some day soon. Thank you so much for your comment.

Mark Petruzzello:

My name is Mark Petruzzello and I am searching for alot of my relatives also. My grandmothers name was Martignetti and I have also some Festa relatives. My grandmothers name is Marie Grace Martignetti and she settled in Agawam Mass. I am told that I am also close relation of the people that own Martignetti liquiors. I AM SEARCHING!!!!!! Also Maloneys, one of my grandmothers sisters married a Maloney...
I never got to meet my grandparents so anyone with info please call me or E-mail me

Thak you,
Mark Petruzzello
Merritt Island , Florida


Hi i wrote in January 09 but now have more information on my granparents. My Grandmother was called Amelia D'amour and Grandfather was Domenica Picardi. Does anyone remember them. They both passed away some time ago but i am coming to Montefalcione next May to visit the graves.
I would love to hear from anyone who has information on them or any other family member who may still live there.



What amazing stories from all you descendents of Montefalcionesi!
I too have family from that village and was just browsing the internet, unable to sleep and discovered this.
Small world, eh?
Montefalcione is not one of my favourite places in Italy, but I have family there and try to visit when I can. I was born in England, lived in the States for a while (Boston North End) on Salem Street - just above Martignetti's store!
Girasoli... I hope you get to visit Lapio, it's a much prettier town and has surrounding countryside that must be seen. I suppose I just don't like Montefalcione... Hehe. I have bad memories of the village and it's occupants, nothing tragic, just nothing pleasant to write home about... but most of the villagers are nice people with so much charm and a great welcome. I'll be popping over again in autumn (fall)... I love chestnut picking and the smell of the land at that time of year. My nonna was "Peppa A Fontana" > Giuseppa DeVita who married Francesco Vita<< who lived at the Pro Fico... the old house was demolished by the council, but the "fountain" spring is still there. I love the countryside!
Be sure to see Lapio and if you need a guided tour of the place, I'd be more than happy to oblige... I only live a 2 hour flight away.
Much love and happiness,
~ Franka ~

Mark & Mary, sorry it took me so long to reply. I don't think I can help with any direct links of relatives. Hopefully someone else will see this and be able to help...

Franka, I am amazed with how many comments I have received on this post! Montefalcione is so small! I do hope to visit Lapio someday, especially after reading your comment. Thank you so much for your offer! AND for leaving a comment here. I might just send you an email if I ever figure out a way to get there. :) girasoli

Message for Claudio Catalano, could we be related? would love to hear from you ciao a presto.... Rossana

tina macarthur:

loved reading your info....i too have relatives from the d'amore family...but ours split to cudemo and the town of sant arcangelo .....i have always wanted to try a nd trace my families roots ...you have inspired me to once again pick up this challenge....thank you for your motivation.....tina

tina, I wish you luck! It is pretty exciting once you finally figure out the connections. I am glad I have been able to inspire you.

Lillian Natola:

Joe Pescatore:

I am related to Al Pescatore of Boston, MA. His grandmother's maiden name was Teresina Picillo. I am sure we have something in common as far as relatives go.

Lillian Natola

Hi, really interesting to read this on Montefalcione. My mother was born in Montefalcione, Aquilina Violante, the family still live on there, if you go to the top of the village to Via Ripa, past the church, theres an arch on the left,through there and on the right in the only house on that side, doesnt matter who you are, just pop in and say you know of me and youll get a slap up meal (whether you want one or not !)

My italian grandparents, both deceased now at a very old age, Emilio and Siblia Violante. Still in the house is Maria (mums sister), her husband Carminuch, her son Archangela an thier 35 year old single son (typical..) Carmine (who still hides his cigarettes fom his mum). Arcan is married to Rafiel, with another extended branch all over the place !

In Avellino another sister lives, with 7 daughters and a son, who is a famous bike racer, and a brother, recently deceased whos family live as far flung as Raismes in France, Argentina, Canada and San Raphael.

From the age of 10, my parents took us to stay for 6 weeks at a time every year, uptil I went to uni, I still go back every year, I know all the places in your pictures, the church on the main street always has a fairground attraction in its forcourt during the festival.

The fireworks are really such, more like artillery.. and the thunderstorms are spectacular. We always follow the San Antonio procession, and usually end up on our backsides after slipping on the wax from the candles, and by ritual, make the long hot return walk down to the fountain, even though now adays you can drive there, but the old path exists.

This year we went to the village only to find that the entire family network (about 250 of them) were at a holy reunion for one of the daughters in Salerno, I spent the first 3 hrs being introduced to all my relatives and family.

Ill still go there every year at least once, so if anyone wants to meet up or for me to do some research, Im more than happy to do so.

William Smith

Hi William, thanks so much for stopping by and for your comments. I enjoyed reading about your family history and how you are connected to Montefalcione. I also appreciated the information about Montefalcione. I do hope to return there someday and will definitely contact you if/when I do.

Anthony Sammarco:

My grandmother's family was Giannelli and came to Boston's North End from Montefalcione. Her name was Rose Giannelli Sammarco, married to Luigi Sammarco of Naples. Does anyone have any information on a researcher who can trace families in this region of Avellino?

Joe Pescatore:

Hello to all, especially Lillian and Tom Natola. I too am related to Al pescatore. He is my first cousin and is now the Patriarch of the Pescatores from Somerville. When I first started our Pescatore family tree I found a link to my grandmother via a woman in Montreal who has here own family site. If you like I can give you the information. I hope some day to start the Picillo side of my family tree. You can visit Pescatore Family Heritage on TribalPages.com. The password is fisherman.
I would love to hear from you.

Joe Pescatore
Boxford, MA

phyllis giannelli:

Hello Anthony,My grandparents were from montefalcione and I think your grandparent rose was my aunt.My grandfather was a giannelli who married a ciampa.they had 13 children.I would love to hear from anyone who knows of the family. thank you,phyllis

phyllis giannelli:

Hello to all,My father was from Montefalcione,love to hear from you,maybe you can help me find my relatives.I am going to Montefalcione next june my last name is Giannelli.mariophyllis@comcast.net


Hi. I am doing some research on my family tree. I know my great-grandfather Guisseppi Luigi (Joseph Louis) Sordillo. He was born in 1883. His parents were from Montefalcione. I believe his parents names were Pasquale Sordillo and Raphaelle Cataldo. Wondering if anyone knows anything.

Siamo un gruppo di montefalcionesi che sta realizzando un sito web che avrà una rubrica dedicata ai nostri emigranti. Se avete informazioni, foto, filmati e quanto altro sulla nostra comunità potete contattarci con una email. Saremo felici di poter inserire nel nostro sito queste vostre informazioni ma soprattutto siamo alla ricerca di persone, gruppi, associazioni che possono collaborare con noi nel creare un rapporto tra Montefalcione e tutti i suoi emigranti.
Ringraziandovi anticipatamente lo staff di montefalcioneonline.


Hi, What a great post about Montefalcione. I'll be going there in August for a wedding. My two children, sister and her two children and mother will also be going. My mothers maiden name is Polcaro and she has several relatives living there still. My fathers name is Mario Martignetti. He came to Canada in the late 50's and my mom moved to Canada a year later. We live in Peterborough, Ontario. We're all exciting for the wedding and also the festival the next week. Anyone else going in late August?

Just wanted to leave another comment saying how amazed I am at how many comments I have received for this blog post. Feel free to leave info here for others to use to contact for genealogy purposes. I hope perhaps I will be able assist in making genealogy connections.

Linda, that is very exciting that you will be going to Montefalcione for a wedding! Have a great time! I hope to get back there for a longer visit one day.

Paula Lucido (Russo):

Hi,just looking somethings up about my grandfather Joseph Sordillo and came across your post. My grandfather was Joseph Sordillo from Montefalcione and my grandmother was
Celia Sordillo(martignetti)from Avellino. they settled in the north end when they came to America in the early 1900's. My grandfather was well known for his seed store and christmas wreaths that he made. They had 12 children. Could we be related?


Grace Rogers:

My family came from Montefalcione. Sordillos,Mariani, Dalelio, DiStefanos,Guerrinos, Some came to Boston in the 1880.'
So glad to have found your site. The pictures are beautiful.

Thank you

filomena giannelli:

Hello,I am looking for someone who has been to montfalicone,and looking to do some research for me.I also would like to meet up with someone who is planning a trip there.Thank You,Filomena

filomena giannelli:

Does anyone have information on the Giannelli family from Montefalcione?Please contact me at -mariophyllis@comcast.net

Antonio Sordillo:

My father is from Montefalcione. I have returned about 10 times and still have all my family there. We have a bar (coffee shop) in the Piazza (town square).

I live in Boston and know of many Montefalcioneses' that live here in Boston as well.

Best of luck to everyone tracking there heritage :)

jerry capra:

My grandparents (from my mothers side) were from Montefalcione. My grandfather was illegitimate, and the son of a land owner and maid. I think the last name was DeSantis. He later went by the name Joseph Maiella. My grandmother was Anita Vadaro. We also have Martignetti's in the family (married to my mothers brother).


My family name is Noviello. My great grandmother is 91 and still living. She came on a boat from Italy and she told me the name of the town but I cannot remember it at this moment. I am wondering if we are related and I would love to know more about my family tree because I know we have relatives in Italy that are still alive. I am very interested in knowing more information.
Thanks! If you know anything else let me know!

romeo pagiuca:

ciao io ero di montefalcione abbitoin new jersey usa sono andato alla scuola media di montefalcione nel 1976

Sally Hansen:

I am doing research for my cousin-in-law who also has ancestors from Montefalcione and Lapio, and in fact her grandmother Josephine (Guiseppa) is the sister to your great-grandmother Giavanna that you pictured in your blog. Do you have ancestors further back? We've found Uncle Vito and Aunt Rosa, but not their mother and father. Any help would be welcome!

Sally Hansen

Gini Addamo:

Hi, I'm so glad I found this blog. I've been doing research since 1985 on my family and a little on my husband's side. His grandparents, on both sides, were the immigrants that came to America. None of the grandparents talked much about their families and when I finely came around to ask, they either didn't know or had forgotten. What I do know is that my husband's maternal grandfather born in Montefalcione. His name was Giuseppe Mauriello b. 1 Dec. 1890. He married Angelina Martignetti b. 27 Jan 1889. Angelina always said she was born in Avellino. They were married in Montefalcione 23 Mar 1914. Their first child Domenico, was born in Montefalcione, the rest in Boston, Mass. This is all I know. My husband and I are planning a trip to Montefalcione next year. I would appreciate any advice or suggestions that those experienced in this trip have to offer. Places to stay, eat, visit, etc. would be greatly appreciated. I would love to be able to get copies of birth records, marriage records of all the family that I possibly can. I will need to hire an interpreter, my husband doesn't know any Italian. My husband's paternal side came from St. Margherita, Belice, anyone familiar with that area? Thanks to all that shared in this wonderful blog. It makes me more and more excited about the trip!


Hi!!!!I'm from Rosario(Argentina), my mom's family is Martignetti from Montefalcione, and I'm searching family there....My grandpa was Ferdinando Martignetti, I know he had lot of brothers and sisters and that a sister went to Bedford(England) with his son Antonio Baldassarre....if someone could help please write to celestina54@hotmail.com

Lauren Wallace Whitton:

I am searching for information on Sordillos from Montefalcione that emigrated to the US in the early 1900's. My great grandmother was Rosa (Rosina) Sordillo DeFalco. I have confirmed that she had several brothers that lived in Boston and Somerville, MA (Ernesto, Fortunato, Silvio and Joseph). I am looking for any additional information on the family, as I believe there were 12 siblings. Rosa was married to Anthony De Falco and came through Ellis Island with her children in 1924.

luciana Baldassarre:

Hello All,

So nice to read every ones stories and see the photos. My family is from Montefalcione, my dad Luigi Baldassarre moved to England in the 1960's (I think) to work at the brickworks in Bedford. He and we all live in Bedford. My grandad Giovanni Baldassarre came over to live with us all after we lost my Grandmother. My dad is 79 now and will be visiting Montefalcione very soon. Does anyone know if there are any hotels or bed & breakfast in Montefalcione as I am looking for somewhere for him to stay? Thanks all. Luciana

Stefania Martignetti:

Hello there!
Yes, my family name is Martignetti, as you can see, and yes... my parents are both from Montefalcione, Avellino!
We don't live there anymore (my dad has moved to Turin, to find work in Fiat, and now he is enjoying his retirement...), but we still have home there... last Giro d'Italia passed right on front of our Montefalcione's house, no jokes!!
I've spent all my childhood holidays in the beautiful contryside of Montefalcione, and also if right now I'm grownup, I'm still very happy when I can go again to visit my uncles and aunties and cousins and to have some holidays there...

I was so intrigued and amazed when I discovered this blog, reading about your trip in Montefalcione with such an "intrepid" disposition of mind... I mean, I think you was really REALLY really lucky to find someone to take you to the town AND that was able to speak english... public transport there is not so much "evolved", and if you have no car or no idea how to get to the place, well... better to change mind, sometimes!

Anyway, if you want, feel free to write me, my e-mail is bloodie@alice.it.
And if you are planning to visit again Montefalcione, perharps in summer, we can maybe meet each other there, looking if we have - it could be? - any ancestor in common...
I know for sure that - for example - one of my grandpa's brother emigrated in Montreal, Canada... then, from my mother side, one of her aunties moved to Sao Paulo, Brasil... and well, some relatives from one of my aunts are living in England... right now I have my youngest cousin living and studying in London since last year...!! ^____^
Ah, and now I can't remember wich kind of relative of mine, long ago moved away and now is living in Boston, Massachussets...
I think the Martignetti family has spread all around the world!!

Kim Polombo:

My great great grandfather (Guiseppe Catalano) and Great great grandmother (Mary Iantosca) were also born and married in Montefalcione Italy. I am in the process of researching my family history but I seem to have hit a road block in Italy. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thank you

Hi everyone,

I apologize for not keeping up with the comments for this blog post. I am constantly amazed at how so many people have found this post and am very grateful for all of your comments.

I am a teacher and the new school year has just started. Things are pretty crazy right now. I will try to reply in the next few weeks.

Thanks again for all of your comments!

Gene Sordillo:

If you are not related to Paula Lucido (Russo) I know I am. We are cousins. I was fortunate to visit Montefalcione in 1986 where I saw the Bar Sordillo and spent the next few hours with Marco and his mother trying to determine if we were related. With my lack of Italian and his lack of English, we were able to determine that our grandfathers were probably bothers. I wish there had been digital cameras then, the film in my camera was ruined on the trip back.

Joseph Martinetti:

I may have posted here before, but I don't believe I received any replies. Michael Maloney, who posted here before, is a distant relative. My grandfather, Giuseppantonio Martignetti, came to the US - he was born in December 1885 (birth certificate says January 1, 1886). My great-grandfather was Giuseppe Martignetti (whom I am named after)who was born around 1851. His wife was Maria Teresa Sarro, born around 1856. Does anyone have any more information on my relatives or how to get more information on them?

David Ross:

Thank you for these posts. I believe my family may have lived here in the early 1600's around the time the villiage was destroyed. Does anyone have informatin on this time in history and what happened to the people. Also I want to travel to Montafalceone while visitng Italy Septmeber 2012. Any suggestions? Thank you David Ross

Denise Cipoletta:

my grandfather Giuseppe Pisano came from Montemiletto and my Grandmother Pasqualina Marcantonio came from Montefalcione. My family came to the North End in Boston, were my grandfather was one of six men who founded the Italian American Club of Boston; this organization is now known as the Feast of Saint Anthony.
My father Pasquale Pisano worked for Martignettis when the store was on Prince St. he was only seven years old. Several of my family members also worked for Dons' Mattress Company on Portland Street in North Station as hand finishers and stitchers.

Mayor Dean J. Mazzarella:

Hi, Hope this site is still active. My dads family (Mazzarella) were from Montefalcione and yes we too have been told that we are related to the Martignetti's. Mazzarella's lived in the North End and then over to the West End. I would love to go to Montefalcione this year.


Dean J. Mazzarella
Mayor , Leominster Ma.

Mary Sinko:

I have enjoyed reading all the posts. My grandparents, uncles and an aunt came from Montefalcione. My grandmother followed my grandfather to America around 1928 and settled initially in New Rochelle, NY. My grandfather was Antonio Barberio and My grandmother was Lucrezia Pepe.

I saw a posting from Pena Barberio in 2008, and we may be related. My mother said that she had relatives in Montreal Canada. She had a cousin who lived in Salerno, Italy, Gennaro Barberio whose daughter's name was Gabriella. I had visited Gennaro in 1983 and I was shown his Country Home in Montefalcione.

My husband, brother and I are planning a trip to Italy in September, and we hope to visit Montefalcione while we are there.

Anna Chance:

It's amazing how many immigrants settled in Boston's North End. My great uncle's father, Giuseppe Cataldo immigrated in 1893. He was followed by his wife, Lauretana Ciampa in 1911, along with 5 of their children. Lauretana Ciampa's mother was Costanza Sordillo.

My great uncle married a paesana, Adelina Frunzio of Montefalcione. Her mother was Cristina Pagnotta. My grandmother was Anna Frunzio of Montefalcione who married Vincenzo Matarazzo.

If anyone would like to share info on these people please reach me at Anna.Chance @att.net

Thank you and ci vedremo tutti a Montefalcione!

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