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small world!

One of the reasons I have enjoyed Slow Travel, and now blogging and reading blogs, is the opportunity to get to know people from all over the world. It has always amazed me how we can all be so different but also have so much in common.

Recently, while visiting bleeding espresso, I discovered a new blog, .italiaball. I was pretty excited to find this blog as it is about Italian baseball. I started reading a few of the posts and noticed that there was a post mentioning how the blogger just returned from a trip back home to Boston. I posted a comment on the blog about my love of baseball, the Red Sox, and Italy. The following day, I received a nice email from Lango. He mentioned where he was from and asked where I was from. Well, I grew up right on the border of the town where he grew up. How amazing is that?

After reading a few of Lango's posts, I checked out a couple of blogs that he had listed on his "Check 'em Out..." list to see if there were any other blogs about baseball in Italy. I noticed right away on the bici vecchia: an errant in italy blog that the blogger's name was Fango and that he also lived in Codogno, Lombardy, Italy. Hmmmm, Lango & Fango? I then read a few of the posts and learned that Fango also grew up in the same town as Lango. This was becoming quite a mystery. My first thought was that perhaps Lango was running two blogs. I then wondered if they were twins. I even asked Lango this in my email back to him. Meanwhile, I was determined to figure out the answer to this mystery. I continued to read more of his posts. Finally, I found the answer. They are friends who have known each other since Kindergarten.

I have now discovered two bloggers, both living in a tiny town in Northern Italy and both from the town located right next to the town where I grew up. It sure is a very small world indeed!

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Brava! Good detective work!

That is indeed rather small worldy that we're from the same neck of the woods. I made a few trips up and down Rt. 28 in the snow about a month ago.

Here's my small world story from August '06 to match...

Well from my communications with Lango and Fango I have to say that they grow them pretty well where you're from ;)

Lango, ahhh Route 28, that brings back memories! I loved your small world story.

Sognatrice, that was so sweet. I love how we are all meeting so many new people this way.

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