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I took these pictures a couple of years ago one evening at sunset while down at the Ala Wai boat harbor, which is considered to be the beginning of Waikiki. I hope you like them.







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Did you know - that yacht harbours are one of my very favorite things?

I am a yachtie's daughter. My dad built a 41 ft trimaran after he retired from Strategic Air Command.

And - I've been there, twenty years ago. :)


Lucky you!! I have always been drawn to boats also as you can probably tell.

I was fortunate to sail with friends to Molokai and Maui once. We also sailed around the north side of Molokai where we experienced incredible views on our way back to Oahu. It was an amazing trip that I will never forget.

hey girasoli!

I love these pics, they make me feel warm inside, remembering the beauty of Oahu, but I have to tell you, just seeing the picture of you did my heart good--I had not seen this blog before in its new format, so I will be keeping up with you now this way. I hope you have a beautiful, healthy year!



Hey Di!

It is so good hearing from you. I continue to think of you whenever Drop Baby Drop comes on the radio. It always puts a smile on my face. Someday, I am going to finally stay at your B&B. I just need the euro to get a little more reasonable before I head back to Italy.

I just saw your new Piemontescapes website the other day. Wow, what a dream vacation!! I will have to find my prince charming, take off work, and attend! One day...

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