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field trip day today

My class along with two Kindergarten classes went on a field trip today to Ke Ala - The Learning Center, or what we still call "Makaha Farms" (the name has changed a few times). It takes about an hour to get there, with views of the ocean once we reach the Leeward Coast area. Every time we go on this field trip, it brings back memories of my first year living in Hawaii, when I worked out on the coast. I really enjoy the drive with all the memories along the way.

We participate in two activities on this field trip and then have lunch.

The plant unit is my favorite activity. The children learn about various plants, what they need to live and grow, and how to respect the land. They also have an opportunity to taste a few types of fruit, plant something (today we planted lettuce), and pick something (again lettuce).

The animal unit is probably the children's favorite activity. The animals sometimes change depending on the year. This year they were able to see ducks, geese, goats, chickens, a turkey, a rabbit, fish, and turtles. They fed the goats and ducks/geese and touched the rabbit and the chicken. The guide also caught some fish in a net for the children to see and there is a bee apiary on the farm, which we only had a few minutes to visit since it was almost lunch time..

Here are a few photos from the trip. The first one is my favorite.



Taro patch (poi is made from the root of the taro plant)


Ti leaves

Tangerine tree


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Your photos are phenomenal. And what a lovely trip! I have come home for an hour and then need to go back for parent teacher evening. As I have a composite class - lucky me has to do two talks. I have the only composite in the school.

Thanks Leslie :-)

You will have to tell me sometime what a composite class is. I hope it went well.

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