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five favorite foods

If I had to pick just five favorite foods to wind up with me when I was stranded on a deserted island, I wonder what they would be...

1. Strawberries
~ my absolute favorite food. I love fruit in general but my absolute favorite fruit and food in the world is strawberries. I love, love, love strawberries. I could eat them morning, noon, and night. I don't like anything on them, just plain strawberries. I remember going strawberry picking with my mom when I was little. My mom would have 3 or 4 bowls overflowing with strawberries and I would still be on my first bowl with only about a quarter of it filled because I was too busy eating all the strawberries.

2. Ravioli
~ cheese, ricotta & spinach, pumpkin, any filling except for meat, served with burro & salvia (butter & sage), tomatoes, or pesto.

3. Gelato
~ none of this American gelato crap, only authentic Italian gelato for me. Coffee, pistachio, hazlenut, passion fruit, peach to name a few of my favorite flavors.

4. Pizza
~ there are a few pizza places in Boston which I would say make a good pizza pie, and I am sure there are some good pizza places in New York City (have never been), but the pizza in Italy is what I drool over!! My favorite types are pizza margherita and pizza con pepperoni (the vegetable peppers…not the meat kind).

5. Seafood
~ Maine lobster, steamed clams, lobster roll, fried clams & fried scallops. I sure do miss New England seafood!

What five foods would you choose?

This post was inspired by Krista's In and Out of the Garden blog entry...
who was inspired by Ed Levine's New York Eats blog entry...

(today was my 100th blog post!!)

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Congratulations on your 100th post! You rock!

And I'm starving now, after reading that post. I'm going to go and eat tortellini.


100!! Write on!

So...when do we leave for that deserted island?? (Although, with that menu, it won't be deserted for long!) I don't know how I missed khb's post since I've been reading her blog all month, but will head on over and check it out.

Congratulations on post # 100! I don't know if I could narrow my favourite foods to 5 . . . that would be a challenge of extraordinary proportions.

I love your choices for the five foods and congrats on the 100th post!


Congratulations, Girasoli! One hundred posts is a real achievement.

Those photos are fabulous...I'm drooling into my keyboard!!!

Thanks everyone. I think we should all chose 5 foods and then meet on that deserted island. That way we could have a feast!

Good choices! I LOVE pizza too. I am on an eternal quest for the perfect pizza! And strawberries - a la Norvegienne - with cream on (not whipped cream, just the heavy cream, yummy.

Yay 100 posts!!!


Ooh - good entry; I don't think I could choose 5 but if I were on a dessert island, hmm, eggs, chocolate chip cookies, oranges and milk - how's that?

But this reminded me, are you flying through Newark this summer? I owe you a good old fashioned (well not really because I don't bury the stuff), clambake.

I'll have to think about my five favorite. That is a good idea for a post. But where to find the photos?

Chiocciola, I dated a guy whose mom was from Norway and have had strawberries that way. The were good!

Interesting choices Kim. I think it is I that owe you a dinner but yes I do remember and I just started planning my trip yesterday. Nothing set yet though.

Angie, I found all but 2 of the photos through google image searches. The ravioli photo was the hardest to find. I took the gelato and lobster photo myself. I will be looking forward to your post :-)

I like your top food list, especially #3. When you say american vs. italian gelato, is it simply the authentic flavors you are referring to?

Dolcefine Gelato, I am honored that you would want my opinion. Just the other day I had some gelato made from a company where the owner comes from Italy. Even his gelato is just not the same. It is good though and better than most other gelato choices here in Hawaii.

I would have to say that there are three things that make gelato better in Italy (and I am talking gelato artigianale - handmade gelato not the factory stuff):

1. The intensity of the flavors
2. The texture of the gelato - the gelato in Italy is softer but not soupier.
3. The content of the ingredients - sometimes here in the US the milkiness seems to overtake the flavor. Also Italian gelato does not put in all those extra added chemicals and perservatives that many American gelato products have.

I have heard something about a different milk content, the way the gelato is made with the amount of air, etc. but I don't really know just what makes Italian gelato better.

It really is difficult to explain. I am definitely a picky gelato eater and even in Italy have given a thumbs down to a gelato place or flavor at a gelateria.

I don't think I have ever tried Dolcefine Gelato.

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