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If I won the lottery

Gambling is illegal here in Hawaii. That makes my chances even more difficult than most to win the lottery, but if I did win the lottery, what would I do?

Since many of my fellow bloggers have already declared their intentions, I have an advantage of getting some great ideas to help me lay out my plan. I hope I did not miss anyone's post on winning the lottery. It has been fun reading what everyone else would do.

I have decided that my winnings would be around 200 million as Kim did in her post. You gotta pick some number and I thought 200 million sounded like an good amount to win. However I would take my winnings in euros instead of US dollars (smart huh?). I am not sure how much I would be hit with regarding taxes, but I am guessing I would still have plenty left to spend.

I have to say that I was quite impressed with how Deborah broke down her winnings by dollar amount. I think I would have to hire someone to help me figure that out even with “pretend money”.

So here is my list:

*The very first thing I would do would be to get season tickets for the Red Sox. Some of you may ask, what good would season tickets be since I live in Hawaii? Quitting my job would be the next thing I would do. I would then buy a little condo right in the heart of the city of Boston where I would spend time when the Red Sox were in town. I would invite friends and family to the games and make sure that someone would be enjoying my tickets when I was not in town.

*Next, I would buy a bigger place here in Hawaii (I currently live in a little studio). My dream would be to live up on the North Shore, but if I had all of this money, I might want to check out the outer islands first to decide just where I would want my place to be. Nothing big, nothing fancy, just big enough for me with a couple of extra rooms for family and friends to visit.

*I would share in my winnings with my family so that everyone would be set with houses as well as having some extra money to splurge. Also college funds for my nieces and nephews as Kim suggested. I don't have any cousins.

*I would also treat my friends to trips with me to Italy, Boston, and other fun locations, traveling first class of course, as well as dinners and shopping sprees and I would like to join Angie on one of her shopping sprees since she is so familiar with Florence and because it would be fun to go shopping together.

*I would donate a big chunk of money to some sort of education improvement project. The only string attached to this would be that the project would not be tied to No Child Left Behind and all those ridiculous tests in any way! I would also want to do something about getting more books into kids' hands. There are too many kids that just don't own books of their own. I would also volunteer, helping mothers that struggle to read to become more proficient so that they could spend more time reading to their children. I believe very strongly in the importance of education and exposing children to books at a very young age.

*I love Jerry’s idea about paying for someone who has a dream with no means to go to college on their own and would do the same.

*I would donate a big chunk of money to migraine research. It has been much too long now that people have been suffering from migraines. I don't feel that there has been enough research in this area. It is about time to find a cure or at least a treatment that works for everyone. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if some day a cure could be found? I dream of the day I can eat dark chocolate again as well as all of those other foods on my “do not eat anymore list”.

*I would seek out Deborah's help regarding how to invest some of this money wisely so that I could live and travel without any money worries for the rest of my life.

*Oh, and how could I forget about Italy? I would definitely buy a place somewhere in Italy, traveling first class to get there. I am just not sure where yet. Maybe I could start that needed B&B in Camogli? I might also think about some other places in Italy that Chiocciola suggested and even try to visit her in Nicaragua.

*And if I still had any money left over, I would buy a boat.

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Okay - but I get a crack at those Red Sox tickets (but not against the Yankees - to intense).

Great ideas! You folk south of the border have been really messed up by NCLB, haven't you? Every conference that i go to I hear more and more about the legislation. I can't get over the 'concept' of taking funds away from underperforming schools.


Definitely some cool ideas! I missed some of the others' posts so have some catching up to do. And maybe will write my own wishlist...dreaming, la la la la, dreaming is free...(Blondie anyone?)

Kim, you are welcome to any game, even with your Yankees cap on, although we may not stay friends if actually attending a Red Sox/Yankees game together. I wouldn't want to risk it so any game but a Yankee game. How's that? :-)

Jerry, don't even get me started!! I am hoping a new president will get rid of NCLB. It sounds wonderful, of course we don't want to leave anyone behind BUT....see I am already getting all worked up!!

Anne, I will look forward to reading your million dollar plan!

Girasoli, I really hate standardized testing!! I feel bad for you teachers who have to deal with all that.

Great choices for your money! I second the research on migraine; like some other diseases it seems to get shortchanged for research because it is somehow less dramatic or doesn't get celebrity backing. Many people in my family has them and they are AWFUL!

we could go to the real Gucci outlet. A good friend's boyfriend is the director of all the shoe production


Oh MY! You don't want my financial advice. I would be happy to introduce you to our investments manager, though....in exchange for an invitation to join you at a Red Sox game.

Thanks Chiocciola, for the migraine comment. I think it is difficult for some people to understand how debilitating they can be.

Angie, it's a date!

Deborah, you are welcome to any game, no strings attached :-)

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