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the tiger took a walk

hawaii802220376AR.jpgYesterday, it was reported that on Thursday, Berani, a 245-pound male tiger wandered out of his cage at 8:15 am, before the zoo opened. He was out and about for 20-25 minutes according to most reports. When I googled "tiger & honolulu" today, I found out that the news of the tiger escape has hit the national news. Fortunately no one was injured and the tiger was able to be coaxed back into a secure holding room with a meatball.

A zookeeper neglected to secure two gates to the tiger exhibit after he and a female volunteer cleaned the exhibit and that is how he wandered out. He walked right by a volunteer, as if she didn't even exist, into another enclosed holding area. She quickly left the holding area, closed the gate, and notified a zoo employee who then called a code red. I am so thankful no one was hurt and that Berani was able to be contained or they might have had to put him down. The theory is that Berani was looking for Chrissie, his mate and that is why he didn't seem to notice the volunteer.

The zoo has apologized, the worker who did not secure the gate has been a long time employee and feels badly about it, and they will be investigating and planning additional security measures.

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I'm thankful too that this story has a happy ending. What a beautiful animal he is!


I'm torn between thinking whew! glad I wasn't around when a tiger was on the loose...and cool! wish I'd been there to see a tiger on the loose! :)

Tigers have always been my favourite cat, and cats have always been my favourite animals. (But in reality, I definitely want to keep a respectful distance from those gorgeous big beauties.)

I was also drawn to the photo of this amazing animal right away when I saw it in the paper. I also love tigers. I am a wild cat fan in general.

When I was little, we went to this wildlife reserve place in Canada (can't remember where now) where there were cheetahs roaming (we were in our cars with our windows closed - back in the days before AC). I fell in love with the cheetahs and was so mad at my parents for months because they wouldn't let me get one. I now see their reasoning :-)

Um... crikey!

And I'll tell my students about this - I will put the link up for them on our Poetry blog and on their daily news one.

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