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party-smiley-532.gif 2 more days until vacation begins - spring break!!

character-smiley-17212.jpg 3 more days until my new refrigerator arrives!!

13 days, 3 hours, 5 minutes until Opening Day!!
Red Sox vs. A's - Both games will be played in
Tokyo, Japan and will be shown live on ESPN2
(at midnight Hawaii time)
Good thing I am a night owl.

music-smiley%20copy.jpg 86 more days until the school year ends!!

101 more days until...
I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane...
and my trip to Italy begins!!

party-smiley-540.jpg 313 days, 10 hours until Bush's Last Day!!!!

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Woo hoo! Hope you have a great spring break.

313 days til Bush is gone seems like way tooooo long.


Yay! All kinds of things to look forward to! Even the new fridge sounds good.

I really like the last one! I agree with Annie - does it have to be that long though?

Much much much too long!!! But at least the end is in sight :-)

I am excited for my fridge except for all the work that goes with it (taking all the stuff out of the old fridge, etc.)


What a neat post. I wish I was counting down until I was in Italy again. Hopefully sometime next year though. (I'd also like to countdown to our PM's last day but I fear we're stuck with him for a while yet...curses!!)


I love the countdowns! Amen to them all.


I hope that translates into 313 days till Obama takes office. :)

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