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camera has been ordered

As I mentioned in my "camera decision" post, Crutchfield's price for the Canon G9 was $449.99 along with free shipping! Wednesday morning (the morning after I decided on my camera), I emailed Crutchfield to confirm that Hawaii was included in the free shipping offer. When I got home from work that day, I checked my email and received a reply saying that Hawaii was included. I then went to the Crutchfield site to place my order. I found a note next to the Canon G9 price saying they were out of stock and more G9 cameras were not expected until April 14th. I was so disappointed! I really wanted to get my new camera during my break so that I would have time to devote to learning how to use this new camera.

Now I had to make a new decision. Should I wait until April 14th, order from Amazon and which meant paying a higher price and choose the free shipping option (which meant I might not get the camera until the very end of my break since Amazon often takes up to 2 weeks to ship something to Hawaii when free shipping is chosen), pay the additional shipping charge on Amazon to get the camera a few days sooner, or wait until Sunday for the new ads to come out, hoping that Best Buy or Circuit City would have an incredible sale (which was pretty unlikely).

I decided to keep checking Amazon in hopes that the price would drop a little for the next two days. If the price was still the same on Friday, I would order the camera anyways. Waiting until Friday also meant that I was taking a chance that the price of the camera could go up.

This morning, I checked the price again - no change. I almost ordered the camera during my lunch break but decided to wait until school ended and I went home so I wouldn't be using my work computer to make the order. When I got home, I turned on my computer, went to the Amazon site, and was surprised to see that Crutchfield was again offering the camera. I thought it had to be a mistake! I went to the Crutchfield site and indeed the G9 cameras were back in stock. Not knowing how long this new stock would last; I immediately got out my credit card and placed my order.

:-) My camera is ordered and should arrive by the end of next week!

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Yay!!! Isn't it awesome to find these great sale items actually in stock?! I'm thrilled for you. Ok, I confess - it's a selfish thrill because I'm thinking of all the wonderful photos you will take in Italy with your new camera, and am looking forward to seeing them! (You WILL be posting an album on Slow Travel when you get back from your trip, right??!) :)

Thanks so much Anne. I really appreciate the compliment. I still haven't made any albums from my last trip! That has been on my list of things to do...


Good for you, Susan!
This will make your photos even more spectacular.
I can hardly wait to see what you do with this baby!
Waiting with baited breath...:-)

Brenda you are too kind. I can't wait til my camera arrives. Hopefully it will inspire me to take more photos here in Hawaii also. I downloaded the 455 page owners manual today and am now on page 42. I am glad I will have time to learn this new little baby. It is going to be a challenge but one I am definitely up for!

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