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giving Santa Margherita another chance

I do not have great memories of my two night stay in Santa Margherita Ligure. My initial plan was to stay in Camogli for five nights. Unfortunately all rooms were booked for the last two nights. Instead of cutting short my stay in Liguria, I decided on three nights in Camogli and then 2 nights in Santa Margherita Ligure, not exactly slow travel, but then again, I had not yet heard of the “slow travel” concept.

The train ride from Camogli to Santa Margherita Ligure was only 5 minutes. It was not really that much of a hassle to pack up and change hotels. When I arrived at Albergo Fasce (my hotel in Santa Margherita), I was informed that there was a problem with my reservation. I was given a single room with the bathroom down the hall that I would be sharing with two other girls. This did not make me happy at all. One of my "musts" when booking a hotel room is having a private bathroom in the room. I reconfirmed my reservation a couple of weeks previous to arriving in Santa Margherita and was not informed at that time of the problem with my reservation. The hotel situation definitely affected my stay. My review of Albergo Fasce goes into more detail about my experience at this hotel. I was hesitant at first to include my review on this post, but after a current search of reviews for this hotel, my review is reflective of many other reviews. To be fair, not everyone gave Albergo Fasce a bad review.

Looking back, I now realize that one of the reasons I probably do not have great memories of Santa Margherita Ligure is because I did not spend that much time in Santa Margherita Ligure. I spent what was left of my first afternoon in Santa Margherita Ligure. The following day, I took a daytrip to Rapallo and then a boat ride to Portofino. I did not really give Santa Margherita Ligure a chance.

When planning my trip for this summer, my initial plan was once again to stay in Camogli. Unfortunately Camogli continues to have limited hotel choices and due to recent concerning reviews for the hotel I wanted to stay at and knowing how a bad hotel stay affects my entire stay, I have decided to give Santa Margherita another chance.

I am actually very excited about my return to Santa Margherita Ligure. I have a reservation for seven nights at Hotel Jolanda. I have read many wonderful reviews for this hotel. A longer stay in a better hotel will certainly make a difference. I am excited to explore this town in more depth. I also plan to visit Genova, a place I have always had on my list but have never ended up visiting. Camogli is still only 5 minutes by train or a little longer by boat. Other than that, I plan to play it by ear.

Photos of Santa Margherita Ligure from my 2003 trip (taken while on a boat):




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Great photos! How nice that you are staying for a full week, that will be lovely, and this time you know the hotel will be good!


Wow, that looks really lovely. I can see why you're going to give SML another chance!

this is probably a character flaw on my part, but my feelings about a town and a holiday are really influenced by where I stay. If I've got a place that I'm happy about -- and it doesn't have to be fancy (altho that helps!) -- if I am comfortable and feel like it's good value, then that casts a kind of glow over the trip and the town I'm in.

The Hotel Jolanda looks great -- and I've never seen a hotel give the dimensions of its rooms on the website before! The single room looks good, well-equipped, and at least you know it's 10 sq metres. Not much smaller than the 14 sq metres of the standard double.

What beautiful photos - I love the colors of those buildings!

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