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madhouse tomorrow at Ala Moana

Over 10,000 people showed up the day Kmart opened back in 1988. Yes, you are reading correctly, over 10,000 people on opening day for Kmart!! People started lining up in the middle of the night waiting for the doors to open. I kept telling everyone it was “just Kmart”. I could not believe the hype and the insane number of people that camped out and showed up on opening day. I do remember going to Filene's basement in Boston with my grandmother when I was little and waiting outside for the doors to open and then watching in amazement when two people would fight over a shirt, but this was Kmart!

Tomorrow is going to be another crazy day in Hawaii. It is the grand opening of Nordstrom at Ala Moana. I am not getting anywhere near Ala Moana tomorrow or for the next few days. After 10,000 people showed up for Kmart's opening day, I can just imagine the madhouse.

I have to say that I am pretty excited about this store coming to Hawaii and am looking forward to shopping there. Hopefully I will no longer need to make so many online orders with all the new choices this store will bring.

In addition to Nordstrom opening tomorrow, there will be 30 additional stores, including Chico's and Lululemon Athletica, in the wing that attaches Nordstrom to Ala Moana and there will be a gelato bar located either in Nordstrom or somewhere in this new wing. Maurizio Grasso, who makes homemade gelato at his little shop in Honolulu will be providing the gelato at this gelato bar. I met him years ago while taking an Italian class. He is from Torino and makes great gelato. I am almost as excited about the gelato bar as I am about Nordstrom.

I know what I am going to be doing during my March vacation :-)

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Can't imagine that much hubbub for a K-mart! We got a Nordstrom a few years ago and it was a mob scene too. Love that store!

No, I didn't know that it took you three times to love Venice - would love to hear the story! It was love at first sight for me, but I knew absolutely nothing about Venice at the time. I've just been reading everything I can get my hands on ever since.

The Hawaii store opening is big news here in Seattle also. We had a good article on it a couple of weeks ago in the Seattle Times.

I remember visiting Liberty House on our only trip to Hawaii. That was a nice store. Macy's has taken over the other large department store here in Seattle also. The Bon Marche is now Macy's. The only remnant of the old store is the name plate on the building downtown.

I remember Ala Moana, from my trip there 20 years ago. I can still hear the TV ad in my head - it was a very catchy tune.

We were in a little hotel on a corner with a Hungry Jacks downstairs where we had pancakes and bacon breakfast every morning for the ten days. Across the road - was the Zoo.


Wow, a Nordstrom close to Waikiki! That's good because the new stores are so high end, I could not afford anything on my last visit!

There are so many high end stores there now, I was wondering how the locals can afford shopping at the Chanels, LV, etc. I was just there at the end of October through November... No shopping, just eating. :) I did have some gelato on Lewers.

Waikiki is getting so over built. I could not even see The Royal Hawaiian anymore. Blocked by all the new stores.

So was the zoo across the street from Ala Moana, some 20 years ago? Is it towards Diamond Head now, near the Aquarium?

Annie, I know, crazy huh?

Marta, thanks for the article link. I loved shopping at Nordstrom when living in Washington, even had a charge card which I am guessing is no longer active. The personal service was what I loved the most about the store. And now we have one here - Yay!

Leslie, know the tune well! I think I might just know what hotel you are talking about.

Eden, not many of us who live on Oahu go into Waikiki - we stay far away unless we have to go there for a conference or some event. Ala Moana is at the edge but not yet "officially" part of Waikiki. It is across from Ala Moana Beach and near the Ala Wai Boat Harbor. I think Leslie was talking about the hotel and not the shopping mall near the zoo. There are some high end stores in Ala Moana now. I just walk right by them. There are enough other stores to keep me occupied. Someone just recently told me about this new gelato place on Lewers.

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