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my itinerary for my trip to Italy, 2008

Here's my bare bones itinerary for my summer trip. I'll reveal more details about each place I plan to visit over the next few days.

If nothing changes (which could still happen), my itinerary for this summer looks like this:

*depart from Honolulu in the evening/ spend much of the following day in the Newark Airport / arrive in Milan the following morning

*7 nights in Santa Margherita Ligure (Liguria) - Hotel Jolanda

*5 nights in Acqui Terme (Piemonte) - Relais dell'Osso

*6 nights in Bologna (Emilia-Romagna) – Hotel Porta San Mamolo

*3 nights in Zurich (Switzerland) - Hotel Glockenhof

*depart from Zurich in the morning / over night in Newark / arrive in Honolulu the following evening

**Changes were made on March 24th - see "my new itinerary ~ Italy trip 2008" for updated itinerary.

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Yay! It's great to see your itin and it will be fun to follow along.....although I am sorry you'll have to spend most of a day in Newark to make your connection.

I know what you mean about finding it so strange to try to stop blogging! I was going to take day off yesterday and couldn't!


That sounds like a great trip! You will *love* Bologna. It's really easy to hop on the train and visit towns in the area. Eat at Osteria 15 for a wonderful, inexpensive meal. Great antipasti and tortelloni.

I don't know what happened this year, but now I get to spend 6 1/2 hours instead of 5 hours in Newark.

Amy, thanks so much for the restaurant recommendation. I love the food in Bologna - been twice but both times only for the night. I am looking forward to a longer stay this time.

It all sounds perfect! I will be tagging along through your blog - although tagging along in your suitcase would be even better!


Hey - just wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten about you. P2P promises they will give us Becky's departure date this Friday (3/7), so we can make plans then. It's actually looking better b/c they may push her departure date back to mid-July.

Chiocciola, if I could fit you in my bag, I would :-)

Kim, that is so sweet. Don't worry about me though. It would be wonderful if it works out but if not, the next time.

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