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my blog in Korean & Russian!

Last night, after I published my “countdown post”, I went back to edit my post. After I finished, I checked out my sitemeter to see if anyone was visiting while I was making the changes. I had one visitor during that time period, my first visitor from Korea.

Like Jerry and Jill, I have also been curious as to how people find my blog. The details of this visit indicated that the person found my blog by searching "focaccia col formaggio" on the Korean version of google. I went to the Korean google site and then clicked on my blog link. It took me to my blog post - but in Korean!

Computer snapshot of part of my "focaccia col formaggio" post in Korean:

I not only checked out the page that was searched on google, but I also clicked on my blog name at the top to check out the home page of my blog in Korean and even clicked on a few other blog links to see even more blogs in Korean.

I obviously have no life and much too much time on my hands. Either that, or I am procrastinating on more important things I should be doing.

This morning, I was surprised to find my first visitor from Russia! This visitor also found my blog through google, searching for "Are you an early bird or an owl?".

Computer snapshot of part of my "early bird or night owl - which are you?" post in Russian:

I of course then had to check out the home page of my blog in Russian.

If you too have no life and/or too much time on your hands and would like to see what your blog looks like in Korean or Russian, you can either search your blog through the Korean google site by clicking on the link to the photo of my blog post in Korean or search your blog through the Russian google site by clicking on the link to the photo of my blog post in Russian.

It has been quite amazing to me that people from all over the world have actually spent time checking out my little blog. So far I have had at least one visitor from each continent except for Africa and Antarctica. I am betting that I will probably get a visitor from Africa long before I will ever...if ever get a visitor (and this a LONG SHOT) from Antarctica.

When looking at the specific countries, most of my visitors have been from the United States, followed by Canada, Italy, the United Kingdom, France, and Australia. I have a regular visitor from Israel and I have had at least one visitor stop by at least once from quite a few other countries, including Poland, Germany, Brazil, Singapore, Korea, and Russia.

Sitemeter is the cool little gadget that has been providing me with the information regarding the locations of my visitors. Because I installed the free version of sitemeter, only the last 100 visits (not the last 100 locations) are displayed. I did not think about keeping track of the various countries until recently and so I cannot remember them all. I also have only had sitemeter on my blog for the past month. I have no idea of the locations of my visitors previous to mid-February.

There is a catch however to sitemeter. The location is not always accurate so this may not be "accurate scientific data". When I have personally been on my blog, sitemeter has shown me as being in a state somewhere in the Kansas area of the US map instead of in Hawaii. There are also a few "unknown" locations displayed on sitemeter.

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How cool is that! I, too, have no life, so I googled and thought it was pretty cool to see my blog in Korean!

That's so cool. I once saw my blog translated into german which was fun.

Sitemeter is addictive! I love checking it out. That's a good idea to start keeping a list of countries - I remember some but not all. I don't think I've had anyone from Asia yet but I was excited to see Turkey and Romania a few weeks ago.


I also think that that is very cool! Girasoli, I've been meaning to look into getting a sitemeter and you're inspiring me to get with it.

Do you suppose that Kim Jong-il, the Dear Leader of North Korea, is one of the Koreans monitoring Western blogs?


girasoli, that is totally cool!! I noticed visits from Israel and Japan in the past but hadn't thought to go check my translated blog pages. Some of the referrals are quite bizarre, aren't they? Once I noticed someone coming to my blog from a google search for "andasamo" and I was a bit creeped out about that...but the searcher turned out to be my sister! (She'd forgotten my blog address so googled me.)

sandra - you should definitely get sitemeter, it is great fun to see who's visiting!

Sitemeter is fun! I think I will have to check out my blog in Italian someday.

Sandra, hmmmm, I wonder? Maybe I should send Kim Jong-il a personal note to check out my blog :-) Sitemeter is easy to sign up for and Kim put it on for me (thank you Kim!!).

Anne, that is so funny that your sister was googling you. I had to google my brother a couple of times because I had both his old and new address and could never remember which one was the current one. I finally crossed out the old one.

how cool!!

Very cool - I got a visitor from China this weekend (right after we'd been talking about this!).

Wow Annie, China! What were they searching for? Since I have posted this, I have had a visitor from India, Hungary, Belgium, and Oman.

Wow this is very cool! I had no idea how this worked. I think I need to get sitemeter!

Hi Chiocciola! Yes sitemeter is very cool and addictive. Today I found my blog in Italian through a visitor's google search. I probably could have looked it up using google.it myself but was too lazy :-)

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