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guy who has no idea about baseball calls the game

Today is Opening Day at Fenway Park. I have never attended an opening day game. It is something I would love to do one day. Today is a very special opening day. The ring ceremony will take place to honor the 2007 World Championship Red Sox Team. Boy would I love to be at Fenway Park today. Hoping there will be some good video clips posted later on today since the ceremony will only be broadcast locally.

So to get you in the baseball mood...

If you haven't seen it yet, check out this very funny one minute video of a play-by-play done by John Mayer during one of the two Red Sox/A's games played in Japan. I have no idea how or why he was was asked to do a play-by-play announcement and why he was even at this game since he obviously knows nothing about baseball.

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Girasoli, I'm going to watch this video tonight from home (since the security walls here in the office keep me out of YouTube!)

I also showed this to my colleague Paul, the Cubbie, who suggested I remark on Saturday's game between the Red Sox and Toronto's Blue Jays. Which apparently didn't go so well.

However, I feel no affection for the Jays (in part, because of my fear of birds.) So I won't say much beyond that. Except to add that I am already tired of all the Cub chatter from across the hall and may turn on the Cubs for that reason alone.

My work also blocks all YouTube videos as well as tons of other "recreational" sites.
Yes we definitely played like crap this weekend. We were even in last place at one point, but the season has only begun. I am guessing that Cub chatter won't end until sometime in September or October depending on how well they do this year.

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