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the fourth wonder


(the 4th Wonder photos are linked to the original Star Bulletin article)



I have visited Haleakala only once. My aunt, uncle, some friends, and I arrived at the summit very early in the morning to watch the sun rise. It was CHILLY (really really really cold)!! The wind was blowing and both locals and tourists alike were all bundled up. If you go, bring warm clothes. The sunrise was beautiful. I even saw the green flash. After watching the sun rise, we had a great time hiking in the crater. You most likely will not need warm clothes if you go hiking. For more information on hiking in the crater, visit the Haleakala National Park Hiking Page. Haleakala is very unique. It is another one of my choices for the 7 wonders of Hawaii.

(Check out my previous post if you missed the first 3 wonders)

To see videos of the sun rise, click on the pink link...

I searched and searched for a great video which would show the sunrise at Haleakala. Many of the YouTube videos had a very irritating wind sound throughout the sunrise. It is very windy at the top and these videos were not edited for sound. I did not think that would be too enjoyable. Others were pretty shakey video clips. Some were photo videos. After looking through six pages of videos, I finally settled on the videos below.

The first video shows the best shot of the sunrise starting in darkness. However, I was not completely excited about the chatting that accompanies this video and I could not figure out how to not have it link to other videos at the end of the clip (once clip ends there are linking videos that are more commercialized/real estate etc. videos).

The second video does not start in darkness but it was one of the best videos for the sound (great song) and it was not too long (about 3 minutes).

The third video is a quick 23 second timelapse video of the sunrise for those that do not have time to watch a longer video, but in my opinion this video is a little too fast to get the full effect and it also does not start in darkness.

My suggestions is to click on the second video first, then mute the top video and watch the top video while listening to the song from the second. Depending on how big your screen is, you might be able to watch both - the synchronization is pretty similar and it was kind of cool to watcch both together. OR just watch the beginning of the first video and then watch the second video.

Video of the sun rising at Haleakala starting in darkness:

Video of the sunrise with the song, Haleakala Ku Hanohano, sung by Hapa:

23 second timelapse video:

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