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the birthplace of my great grandmother ~ Lapio, Italy

Three months ago, I wrote about "my visit to Montefalcione", where my great grandfather was born. After writing that post, four people with ties to Montefalcione left comments on my blog. I have also noticed quite a few hits on my Irish, Scottish, English side of the family post and hope one day to find a connection there.

So, today, I decided to write about the town of Lapio where my great-grandmother, Giovanna Romano, was born, with the hope that this post may help me to find connections to Lapio and possible relatives from there. I have not yet visited Lapio but hope to go there someday.

Here is one of the few photos I have found of Lapio:

Like Montefalcione, Lapio is also located in the Campania region of Italy. It is
22 kilometers from from Avellino and is very close to Montefalcione. I can't believe I was so close to Lapio but did not visit!
(I can't seem to find the source of this map anymore.)

According to this Lapio website, there were 1,750 inhabitants living in Lapio during the 2001 national census. The inhabitants were distributed in 590 families with an average of 2.97 people per family.

I found this interesting bit of information on the ten most common surnames in town of Lapio.
Key to the chart: The left hand column displays the estimated number of individuals with the given surname displayed in the right hand column. For example, 106.10 estimates there are at least 106 people in the town with that name.

My great-grandmother, Giovanna Romano, was born in Lapio on November 20th, 1878. Her parents' names were Gennaro Romano and MariaTeresa Zarella. Besides Romano and Zarella, direct descendant family names further back include Carbone and more Romano names on the Zarella side. Hey, maybe Ray Romano and I are related somehow :)

Here again are my great-grandfather, Angelo Raffaele and my great-grandmother, Giovanna on their wedding day. They were married at Sacred Heart Church, in Boston's North End, on April 6, 1902.

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I recently heard a bit of family history I never knew. Mom was over for dinner on Sunday and Paul was talking about our trip. It turns out that her great grandmother was from Lombardy. So I'm 1/16th Italian. How have I never known that?

Great post! What an interesting story. I hope you get in touch with some of your Lapio relatives.


This is really interesting -- and what a great photo, your great- grandmother looks so young. (And a tiny bit like Ray Romano, maybe you ARE related!)

Wouldn't it be great if this post did help you reconnect with some long-lost relatives!


What a fabulous wedding photo. I love your family ancestry - it's so diverse. My family all comes from the UK and Ireland...at least my girls have some Norse blood in them from their father's side!

One of these days, I will figure out how on earth you link photos to their websites...I seem to recall seeing instructions somewhere, but at the time I couldn't get it to work. Maybe I'll give it another try now that things have calmed down in my life a bit (not to jinx myself or anything...)


I love your family posts! Although I think I have a better chance of being related to Anne...I'm all northern European, too.

That picture is great. They're practically smiling...you don't see much of that in old photos.

Jerry, that is cool. No info as far as where in Lombardy? Maybe you can find out and visit or perhaps you already have? My father would have never even known that he was part English and Scottish if I didn't start researching our family history. I guess no one cared or talked about ancestry long ago.

Chiocciola and Sandra, thanks. I am crossing my fingers. Because of the common family name, I probably have much more of a chance finding relatives in Lapio than in Montefalcione. Sandra, that is so funny that you see the tiny Ray Romano resemblance in my great-grandmother's face. As I said, you never know :-)

Anne, ah, but to find out where in the UK and Ireland is the fun part. Linking is pretty simple but it did start out complicated. You basically upload the photo and then highlight it and clink on the url link and insert the url there.

Jill, you never know. My dad's side is Irish, Scottish, English. Got any of that blood in you? I had to look at the photo again after your comment. I love how you noticed the "practically smiling" expression in the photo. It is one of my very favorite photos.

How wonderful that you have your grandparents wedding picture. She does have a slight resemblance to Ray Romano. With only 77 people with the Romano surname you are bound to find a relative in Lapio. I hope this post brings you a connection to someone in Lapio.

Maria, thanks! If Ray Romano's family has roots in Lapio, I probably would be somehow related, otherwise it would be a long shot, although if there is a resemblance???

... or maybe you're related to a wine producing family in Lapio: the wine at the Clelia Romano estate in Lapio -
www dot skurnikwines dot com - type Clelia Romano in search box.

(*EDITED: I have been trying not to post comments with links to cut down on the spam... hope it was ok to edit the link).

Domenic Giglio:

Hi, I was just looking to see if I could find anything about Lapio, the town that I was born in, and came across this great post. I know at least one person with each surname that you mention above. I left Lapio in 1966 at the age of 12. Went back just twice, once to bury my mother in 1987. I could not wait to get out of Lapio and come to America, and I'm so happy I did, but the town where you are born never leaves your mind. It is the most beautiful little town with one big happy family.
My surname is Giglio. I know the Melchionno's they are owners of an old castle in Lapio. My Godmother's name is Carbone. I knew the Iovines that now have passed away. my mother's maiden name was Cristofaro, and on and on I can go.
My email address is dgiglio@mfa.org if you want to chat about Lapio.



Wow i love reading all these posts.My mother is from Lapio her maiden name was Costanza and my grandmothers maiden name was Carbone too..Who knows how many relatives i have around the world. Ive been back to Lapio 8 times i still have aunts uncles and cousins living there and its my favorite place in the world...

María, somehow lost track of this blog post and comments. It sure would be fun if my family was related to the Romano wine estate :)

Domenic, I apologize that I did not reply much sooner. As I mentioned earlier, I somehow lost track of this thread over the holidays. I will send you an email. Thanks so much for your comment.

margherita, it was so nice of you to leave a comment on my blog. I do hope someday to visit Lapio. How lucky you are to be able to go back for visits.

pasquale rocco carbone:

I have been to Lapio three times and plan to visit again soon. I am a member of the Carbone family, that is my grandparents name. Lapio is so beautiful and I think of it always, I fell in love with it. The people are so wonderful, the town is beautiful and the food is indescribeable. My grandfather was Angelo Raphael Carbone and my grandmother was Fioenza Membrino. If you can go to Lapio, it will give you a feeling you've never experienced in your life. It is wonderful.

Pasquale, it is really nice to hear from you. I wish I knew more about the Carbone part of my family history. All I know is that my great great great grandmother was named Concetta Carbone, I am guessing she was born around 1820 and a great great great great grandmother named Angela Carbone who was born before 1800. I do hope to get to Lapio one day. I am sure we are probably related somehow. Thank you so much for your comments.

Gail Vozella McDowell:

I was excited to see your post about Lapio. My grandfather and his descendants were from Lapio. Their last name was Vozella. My Grandfather's name was Pasquale Vozella. He had brothers named John, Raffaele and Adolino. Their father's name was Francesco and their mother's name was Marie or Maria and I believe her maiden name may have been Bonnelli. My grandfather and his brothers came to the United States when they were young and settled in the Boston Massachusetts area. Any information you mayhave on this family would be greatly appreciated.

Gail Vozella McDowell

Hi Gail, thanks for stopping by. Our families probably knew each other at one point in time. Unfortunately none of your family names match the names of my family members that I have found so far. The info from the LDS records is how I have acquired most of my info. It may help you with your quest. Good luck.

Claudia :

I was so excited to see your blog when I googled Lapio. I just learned in Aug that my ggparents married in Lapio in Apr 1882 Raffaele Frasca (parents Giuseppe Frasca and Columba CARBONE (her parents are Giovanni Carbone and Teresa ?) to Luigia Ardolino. I also have a Angelo Vito Carbone b abt 1864-1868 who married in Dec 1891 to Angelina Frasca my ggf sister.

I also have some Cristofaro, although the relationship is more distant.

I hope to go to Italy for the first time sometime this year including Lapio and would appreciate networking with anyone that has been there or knows about these families.

Also I belong to NEHGS and am happy to do look-ups in the online records (births, marriages to 1915 and deaths to 1910. Claudia

George Membrino:

My fathers name was Pasquale Membrino born in Lapio 1885 and my mother was Angela Pesa born in Lapio 1890. I was born in Fitchburg, MA in 1931. This August I will be taking my four children and their spouses to Italy and intend to make a visit to Lapio a top priority. The wife and I were very friendly with Giuseppe Cardinale Caprio whom we visited with numerous times here in USA as well as at the Vatican in Rome. His wish was to be burried in Lapio which is one of many reasons we want to visit Lapio. I have completely lost track of both my fathers and mothers family if any are left there in Lapio. I'd truly appreciate any assistance you might give me in ways I might get to know what if any relatives remain there in Lapio. Thank you for any assistance you might give me prior to our August 10th trip to Italy.

Maria Treptow:

I am not sure if this post is still active but I would be interested in communicating because I am from Lapio and have gone back numerous times and have lots of relatives there. My mom is from a family of 10 and only 3 of the 10 came to America the rest are in Lapio. I recognize the majority of the names in your posts.

This is for George Membrino, Fitchburg. George, my mother was Fiorina (Lena) Membrino of Fitchburg, born in Lapio 1898, her mother Pasqualina Ricci, her father Orazio Membrino both of Lapio. We are somehow related. Do you know the Membrinos of Fitchburg, Solomitos, Morleys, all of St. Bernard's church, Fitchburg. I also had a cousin, Dr. John Membrino (deceased) Leominster. If you would like to email, ccvoicedynamics@cs.com

Georgianne Underwood:

My husband's grandfather was Eugenio Caprio born in Lapio, Italy in 1898. I was told there is a family home with the CAPRIO name on the front of the house. Has anyone seen this house? I would love to see a picture of it. I have tried to find out his parent's name, but can't connect anyone. We do know that he had several brothers and sisters. Cardinal Guiseppe Caprio was his cousin. He had a sister named Carmillena, a brother Arturo, another brother who was a priest and several others. Can anyone tell me any more? My email address is tabu3821@att.net.

Rich Rougier :

I may be a bit late to this dance but it's worth a try. Small town like Lapio may not be too hard to trace our ancestors.

Dont let my last name throw you off, I am a grandson of Angelo Pasquale from Lapio.

Angelo came to the Boston area in the 1900's and became US citizen at District Court in Salem Ma on Jan 13 1920. Came to Boston via Ellis Island as many have back in the day.
My grandfather Angelo Pasquale was from Lapio and our family is trying to find some history on the family. His dob 10/25/1894 son of Giusseppe Pasquale 5/12/1868 and Giovanna Zarrella born 4/19/68 both from Lapio.

I see from above, the name Maria Teresa Zarella and wonder if Maria and Giovanna may have been sisters or cousins?
Our family search only brings us back to our great grandparents, but would love to hear about any other relatives.

renee melchionno:

hi i just came across this blog and was wondering if dominic giglio is still around im very interested to find out more about the melchionno's owning an old castle in lapio. i believe that is where my great grandfather was born.


louise deluca-carter:

Hello, I am Louise DeLuca. My grandfather, Joseph Caprio was born in Lapio, im guessing some time around 1900. He married Louise Dellio and they had 4 children born in Everett Ma, Frank Caprio, Ralph Caprio, Carmella (my mother) Caprio-DeLuca and Annette (chickie) Caprio-Bono. I do not know a lot of the history of when he came to US, but can find out. My grandfather had two sisters Carmella and Frances. I know we still have Caprio family in Lapio.

Amerino Romano:

hello. I'm a distant relative of yours. I am building the tree of my family. your grandmother is definitely in this tree. the father of your grandmother (Gennaro Romano) was a brother to my great(2)-grandfather. I'm Amerino Romano. my email: info@romanonicola.com. bye

Pasquale deangelis:

Hi, my name is Pasquale, now living in Rome and viareggio...my maternal grandparents were name Giuseppe carbone and Maria colella....I recognize a lot of the names posted on this site, and would like to know if any of you have any relations to my grandparents..it would be nice to hear from someone....I am posted on Facebook, so please feel free to contact me ok...

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