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more photos of Cortona

view from the bus stop:

another view from the bus stop - the Santa Maria Nuova Church:

shop in Cortona:

Teatro Signorelli (scenes from the movie Life is Beautiful/La vita è bella were filmed here):

i dolci (sweets):

Piazza della Repubblica:




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Great photos! Viewing them reminded me of Orvieto without intially realizing each town is in Umbria. Isn't it funny how some unassuming, covert nuances describe a region - maybe it's Umbria's natural light. Thanks for the memories~menehune

Fabulous photos! I love the first one with the red tiled roof. What wonderful views from the bus stop. Now I want to go to Cortona more than ever!

Wonderful photos! I can even see my spot right there on a chair in that cafe! If I had a euro for each hour I've spent looking at people in the piazza...


Oh so gorgeous!!! I love the views from the bus stop. I didn't know any of Life is Beautiful was filmed in Cortona - I'll have to have another viewing soon and look for Teatro Signorelli (any excuse to watch that movie again!)


Lovely photos! Cortona is quite beautiful.

Just for fun, I sometimes look at real estate ads for apartments in Italy, and this week saw a lovely little place that -- judging by the photo of the view from its living-room window -- must be right beside the Teatro! Actually, it looked as if it must have been almost right over top of Alessandra's shop, Il Girasole! I think I could live there.......

Love these colors :)

Menehune, I'm glad you enjoyed my photos. Cortona is actually in Tuscany but sooo close to Umbria. A lot of the towns in both Tuscany and Umbria have similar characteristics in some of the buildings and landscapes...both so beautiful!!

María, this was one bus stop that I enjoyed! I also love that photo. thanks!

Palma, too bad we keep missing each other when we travel! That is a great stop to sit and watch the world go by.

Anne, yes, that bus stop is pretty cool! I met a guy that sounded like he was right out of the Fargo movie one day that ended up helping me find the train station (if you click on Tuscany, it is my first post - Bella Cortona). The scene when they were at the ball or big gala when he rides in with the horse and then when she goes outside in the rain - think that is correct (haven't seen it for a while now) is the big scene filmed there.

Sandra, it definitely would be fun living somewhere in Tuscany or Umbria...now to find the rich person to finance the house!

Michelle, thanks! The colors are so rich and beautiful in Cortona. It is definitely a great place to take photos!

I will be in Corton in 10 days... do you think I am excited?
We will be having such fun in Montisi, hopefully we will have a chance to blog while we are there.

Sandi, lucky you!! Have a wonderful time!! I am looking forward to reading about all the goings on while you are all in Montisi.

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