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"time" ~ PhotoHunt




Venice (Clock Tower in Piazza di San Marco)



Riva del Garda (inside the clock tower)

If you would like to find out more about the Clock Tower in Venice and see photos of the inside of the clock, check out my "tour of the Clock Tower in Venice" post.

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Great photos. The wall clocks are beautiful. Have a great weekend

Wow, those are some beautiful shots! Happy Hunting. Hope you can stop by and check out my time photos.

Those sundials are beautiful! The clock tower in San Marco is my favorite clock tower in all of Italy. I visited Venice for the first time in 1979 and it was covered with scaffolding. I was very disappointed. It took me 22 years to return but I got to finally see the tower and the two mori.

The tour of the clock tower sounds very interesting. I never knew about the Three Wise Men and the Angel. I would also love to be in Venice on Ascension Day or the Epiphany to see them coming out. BTW, Ascension Day was this past Thursday, May 1st.

Those are amazing photographs of the beautiful clock. Great take on the theme.

great photos! I miss those European clocks! ;-)


Now these are beautiful clocks, and very different.

Thanks so much for stopping by my hunt.


What wonderful Photos you chose for this week's theme. My first visit here. Thanks for sharing!!

wow! the clocks are very beautiful as beautiful as Venice

Absolutely wonderful photos


These are all beautiful choices for the theme! Happy PH :)


Beautiful photos, Girasoli......I'm starting to wish I had kept my Venice reservation after all!

The Mondovi fresco (at least, I think it's a fresco!) is very lovely. I'll have to look that one up in your archives.

Beautiful shots!

All of them are beautiful and unique I can't make up my mind which I like best :P

Great photos!

I love how that clock tower in Venice covers all the bases in terms of time...moon and Madonna cycles plus astrological phases plus the "normal" days and hours. Like MariaI, it was several trips before I got to see it without scaffolding....that restoration lasted about a decade, I think. I want to take that tour next time I'm in Venice!


girasoli, your clock photos are fantastic! I love the Mondovi one especially.

Thank you everyone for your very kind words. Because I love clock towers and sundials and have taken so many photos of them over the years, I had a difficult time deciding which ones to post. I tried to display a variety of ways time is measured.

The Venice Clock Tower is also my favorite clock tower in Italy. The first two times I visited Venice, it was still being refurbished. The third time, the refurbishing was done but the tours had not yet begun. I was so thrilled when I found out that tours were available when planning my fourth trip to Venice.

The Mondovì photo however is my favorite. The building was so beautiful in person.

Thanks again everyone for your comments :)

Hey, it was closed for SO long! I've got a real kick out of it the last two trips. :)

Great photos! And ditto what Annie said!

Thanks Leslie & Chiocciola! Definitely take the tour if you get the chance.

great catch for the theme... hope you can drop by at my corner too---

Snap Catch, thanks for stopping by. I loved your Geneva Flower Clock photo - how unique! Unfortunately I can't leave a comment on your blog with the options available.

Great pictures. Mine is not up yet but it is in my mind what I wish to share. Perhaps tomorrow I'll find some TIME to take the picture.

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