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"bad hair" ~ PhotoHunt



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Oh my! I jumped off the chair when I saw this picture. Excellent choice for the theme!

eeeew, I didn't know turkeys were hairy. Happy hunting!

That isn't just bad hair, it's bad skin, bad bones....


I love the photo that you picked for bad hair! It's perfect.

Mine's up...come on over!

Have a wonderful weekend.

It IS perfect for Bad Hair day! And it make me laugh...

Fit to the T (turkey right? :p)


Oh, the horror!!!

That's a great shot and perfect for the theme.

Hahahahhah~! Turkey needs a wig!! :)

Sorry to scare you María.

Sandy, I didn't know either til I got up close to this turkey.

Alice, yes I think this turkey could desperately use a makeover.

Kim & Annie, thanks. It was a last minute thought.

philos, yes it is indeed a turkey :)

Sandra, :)

Thanks Carver. I took it while on a field trip. It was a lucky shot since the majority of my time was spent watching and photographing my students.

napaboaniya, either that or a shave since bald is also in :)


That guy needs some serious beauty tips! :) Turkeys are so hideous...why, oh, why must they look like that, I wonder?!?

Wow, only 13 days to go, you must be getting SO excited!!

LOL! Very clever. Turkey's definitely have bad hair! Have a great week...and thanks for stopping by the creek to comment on bad hair there.

girasoli, this turkey has hardly any hair! LOL! I'm so jealous you live in Hawaii!

Oh your entry is really great! Such bad hair.

But looking at your profile picture I can't imagine me describing your hair. Your's looks so good and not gray at all!

Anne, I was surprised how ugly this turkey was. I am getting excited but also very stressed (although I am in more of a major procrastination mode right now when I should be starting to organize stuff).

Patricia & maryt, thanks for commenting. I have been having fun participating in PhotoHunt discovering many other blogs.

Carin, 2 words - hair color :-)

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