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photos of the drive from Kaneohe over the H3

I drove over the H3 to Kaneohe Friday afternoon for an acupuncture treatment. The drive over the H3 is one of the most beautiful drives on Oahu. I made an album with a few photos I took from the drive back to share with everyone.

**DISCLAIMER - All but the first 2 photos were taken on my dashboard through my not so clean windshield while driving. Although they are not the best photos, they will give you an idea of the views when driving over the H3.

The first two were taken outside the office where I had my acupuncture treatment. The second two were taken on the drive up the street. The next 7 were taken while driving on the H3 towards the tunnel. The last photo is a close up of the Koolau mountains above the tunnel. If you ever visit Oahu, this is one drive you should try
not to miss.

H3 drive from Kaneohe

This is my team color "green" post. GO Celtics!!

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Girasoli, cool slideshow. Brings back great memories for me. I just got done watching your Celtics beat our LA Lakers! Game on . . . See ya in LA for Game 3! All kidding aside, may the best team win. :)

Hi Kathy, glad you liked it. I am not as passionate about basketball and the Celtics but still will cheer on the home team. It will be interesting to see who ends up winning.

So beautiful! It reminds me of my island in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico. I miss being surrounded by lush green vegetation. On the third photo there's a tree with red flowers that looks like a tree we have in Puerto Rico called 'flamboyan'. I wonder if it's the same tree.

I googled Flamboyan and I don't think the tree here is the same. This tree only has flowers here and there instead of covering most of the tree. Maybe it is a relative of the Flamboyan? I have heard that Puerto Rico's vegetation and landscape is similar to Hawaii.

Beautiful! What does H3 stand for?

Annie, funny I don't even know? I guess Highway 3? We have 3 major highways on the island, called H1, H2, and H3 - how original huh? :-)


G: Sort of a compilation of responses to your posts...

Love your Celtic's green! H-3 - almost as original as "The Bus" for Hawaii's public transportation. Enjoy your long school vacation and ITALY.

Ciao, M

Thanks Menehune.

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