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replies to some of the comments

I have not had time to respond to all of the comments until now.

Hard hat - I did not think about having my picture taken while wearing the hard hat until after I left. I really should have and do regret it, so you will all just have to use your imagination. And yes, I did think about it messing up my hair. It was so hot that day though that it really didn't matter since sweat was pouring from my brow all day.

My swollen feet...actually it was more my ankles and legs (near my ankles) that were swollen although my feet were a little puffy also. I do think it was from the heat on the days that I walked quite a bit. I did do the rice (rest, ice, c ? forgot what that is, and elevate), which all helped. I even had to take off my ring for a couple of days since my fingers were also swollen. I am back to normal at the moment, which is nice. Thanks everyone for all of your tips and yes this happened to me last year also, but it was much worse last year.

I did see the turtles on my second visit (missed them the first time I was there). I watched this one little turtle try so hard to get up on one of the rocks. All the other turtles ignored him or her but finally after not giving up and trying a few rocks, the turtle succeeded and got up on one of the rocks to sunbathe.

Chiocciola, I am sorry to hear that you have tendinitis. Not being able to type must be driving you crazy!

I will definitely post a few of the photos of the jellyfish once I get home. I also had no idea what the hard hat was for and at first thought it was ridiculous to wear until I smacked my head into one of the archways.

It has been wonderful having AC on the vary hot days, although I still kept my room pretty warm - around 78-80? 27-28 degrees centigrade as I am not fond of chilly rooms. Since being in Acqui, the temperature has been more in the 80s with a breeze so I have not even used the AC.

Granita is like a slush drink but oh so good!

Kim - surfing? where? I hate thunder storms. The weather today mentioned we could be in for some here today or tomorrow. I have never thought about the DH and pitchers not getting hit as much when they also get up to bat. Interesting... I could really go either way on the DH issue. The day that the New York pitcher got hurt running the bases, one of the Red Sox pitchers also got hurt swinging the bat. Now that is bad if a pitcher cannot even swing a bat without getting hurt!

Yes, blogging can be a challenge in Italy. I finally after all of these years have gotten the keyboard down and now only occasionally have to search for the correct key. I have been fortunate to have some internet access at my first hotel and found a good internet cafè thanks to Diana and Jan here in Acqui Terme.

I hope I have not missed any comments to respond to. I really did love my stay on the Ligurian Coast. It was a perfect way to ease into the time change and I do think the cherries helped a little bit. Either that or my 6 hour sleep did the trick. I forgot to mention the other reason I only had 1 hour of sleep on the Newark to Milan flight. The flight attendants turned all the lights on and woke everyone up at 4 am somewhere (can't remember exactly which time zone that was) to let us know they would be coming through the aisles selling duty free items. I could not believe they actually woke everyone up for that.

I have enjoyed getting to watch the BBC and Sky News. I think that the British news brings much more of a world view to the news. The situation in Zimbabwe is heart breaking for all of the people there and has been covered quite a bit here.


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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Girasoli, I enjoyed reading your replies. Very nice of you to remember all of our questions and comments and reply and give more insight here!

Glad to hear the swelling problems are gone!

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