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church in Portofino

I am feeling a little like this today:

I took the photo of the rose on a wall by this beautiful church in Portofino.



When you first arrive in Portofino by boat, you can see part of the church behind the buildings in the main piazza.

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Hey - I have pictures of that church! I went into it. :)


Beautiful photos!

And I hope today brings you less droop!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Girasoli, Awesome photos! Sorry that you're feeling like that rose today . . . is it jet lag or missing Italy a lot? Maybe both . . . I know that I would be feeling like that rose too after leaving Italy.

Reading your blog is making me want to change my 2009 Italy destination from Positano to SML and Portofino! I totally enjoyed reading about your time there.

Love these photos! That church is really cool looking . . . I can definitely see myself hanging out in that main piazza! Thanks for sharing and posting these so quickly.

Oh, what a lovely church! I love those stripes. And the campanile.


Awww...poor rose. Are you still jet-lagged, or have you moved into PVSD (post vacation stress disorder)?

How lovely to see these photos first thing in the morning! I love small churches and this one has a lot of charm as does the town of Portofino. I hope you get over the jet lag soon. :-)


I hope by now you are not feeling like a jet-lagged rose!

Your photos from Portofino are stunning. As Kathy says, I`m beginning to revise my 2009 plan to include SML and Portofino!!

Leslie, I was disappointed that it was closed when I was there. Guess I will just have to go back again :)

I am off to acupuncture (appt. made before I left). Hopefully that will perk me up a little. Not sure if this is a bug or as Jill says, PVSD. My boys (the Red Sox) are on TV for all 3 games of the Angels-Sox series this weekend. That should help perk me up, especially if we win at least a couple of the games.

I would say that Portofino is one of the most beautiful places of all the places I have seen in Italy. It is pretty difficult to take a bad photo there.


Just gorgeous! I love the colors of the church, so pretty. Hope you feel better soon!

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