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Mamma Mia!!!

If you are thinking this is about the movie, guess again! I just opened my Visa bill (with all my trip charges + the exchange rate) .... Mamma Mia!!

Update - I just opened a letter from my credit union. They are soooo happy with my spending that they have just raised my limit!

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G'day - the youtube is the Statler Brothers from the States. :) We used to have these big American style parties when we first moved to Australia. Our friends and neighbours loved them. :)


Ouch - I totally understand that. Just wanted to let you know, I love your pictures. Did you take the new camera with you because they're lovely.

Leslie, well I have heard of them. I guess I just didn't recognize them in your video.

Kim, I loved my camera...although now it is in the shop and better be fixed since it is under warranty. I started having problems with the zoom at the very end of my trip. Glad you are enjoying my photos.

All your pictures and stories from Italy are wonderful, thanks for sharing! (Maybe we should all chip in for the visa bill; I have been traveling vicariously through you so maybe I need to pay my part! :)

Chiocciola, thank you, that is so sweet! I think we all get something from each others' blogs and travel stories/photos so in the end it all evens out somehow - just as long as we don't all travel at the same time (unless that is we all traveled together!).

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Girasoli . . . . good one! I did think it was about Mamma Mia! Now I understand the statement :) Very funny post.

I will be saying the same thing, but in Spanish, after I return from my trip this October. A lousy exchange rate is not going to stop us from traveling, right?

Kathy...I try :)

María, now how do you say that in Spanish?

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