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beauty contest for nuns

After spending much of the day watching my new DVD, The Sound of Music, I found it quite interesting to read a breaking news story on a new upcoming beauty contest...for nuns! Not that I would equate the Sound of Music to a beauty contest, but it was a bit of a coincidence to be watching a movie about a nun and then read about this nun contest.

According to the TimesOnline article, Father Antonio Rungi is planning to hold
The Sister Italia 2008 contest on his blog. Now those of you that love beauty contests for the bikinis, don't get your hopes up for this one. There will be no bikinis, no swimsuits, not revealing clothing in this beauty contest.

Here are a few of the details:

It will be open only to nuns.

The contestants must be aged between 18 and 40, and can be either full members of an order or novices.

The nuns can decide whether to wear their full habits, including veils, or let their hair down.

Each photo will be accompanied by an account by the nun of her life, personality, daily activities and spiritual development.

Photos of the contestants will appear on Father Rungi's blog in September where readers can vote for their favorite nun. Father Rungi does acknowledge that not all Catholics will be in favor of this contest.

The Times article goes on to mention how although there is no beauty contest for priests, they have been featured in calendars for the past four years. If you haven't seen the priest calendars, Shelley wrote about it here on her former blog, At Home in Rome. She also posted some nice photos of the calendar.

I tried to find Father Rungi's blog, but no luck yet, although I did find 3,120 articles on the subject. I even checked out the Corriere della Sera article, Gara per la suora più bella organizzata dal prete teologo and still no link.

It would be interesting to hear the Pope's point of view on this contest. What are your thoughts?

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Girasoli, interesting contest. I read Shelly's blog and saw the calendar story . . . also interesting! :) It'll be interesting what kind of response his contest will get once it gets on its way.

I read about this and was a little shocked. The priest's blog is down and you can see it only on "cache" but the post on the contest is not there. I read in the Corriere website that the contest is off due to "troppo chaos". I think that somehow his superiors pulled the plug on his blog and the contest. A contest like this is not a smart thing to do in light of what the Catholic Church had gone through in recent years.

Here's the link: padreantoniorungi.myblog.it/

Oh no - you beat me to this one! LOL

After posting this and searching for the priest's blog, I started to wonder if this was all just a hoax. I was too tired to read the Italian article in detail since I am out of practice. Thanks for the update María. I wondered how the church would allow this to take place. I do however still question the priest calendars and how they are allowed to be sold. They certainly are cute priests but they are priests!

Jerry, I actually checked your blog before posting this!

Too funny - but do nuns really have any hair to let down?!

I remember reading about that priest calendar but had never seen it. Some cuties! Maybe it's the church's attempt to be more hip and cool, and show that they have a sense of humor???

Oh, last night they interviewed one of the Hawaiian delegates to the convention....she said that she went to grade school with Obama and they called him "Barry" - I thought of you since you were the first person I heard mention the Barry thing.


Girasoli, you beat me to this as well -- I've been busy with French homework but had seen the Nuns beauty pagent story and was planning to post something!! What a wacky story. I wouldn't be surprised if it had been called off amid chaos!

As for the handsome priests, I stocked up on these calendars when I was in Rome in January, in fact I have a spare if anyone would like one!

I gave several away as gifts and have one hanging in my office. I'm actually tired of people asking me if these men are actually priests, how the h--would I know! Still, I must confess that I have my doubts about Father March!!!! If he is a priest, I'm not sure how much longer he'll last.

It's all in good fun and for six euros, I thought it was a good bargain.

Maybe Slow Travel should consider some sort of calendar to raise funds for some posh GTG. At the very least, a bake-off?

Another question I had was what nun would enter this contest? Annie, I do think that it was an attempt to make the church more hip and cool. Maybe he should have started off with a calendar instead?

Sandra, I agree...what is up with Father March??!!! I didn't realize you had more calendars left. Maybe you should start a contest :-)

I'm kinda partial to Mr. October. And Sandra, I think a contest for the calendar would be great - I'd definitely enter!


I should have thought of this before -- it's probably too late, now, to be giving away 2008 calendars.

Unless I can find more handsome priest calendars in September in Umbria for 2009........


sandra, no it's not too late, not too late!! I'd take the 2008 one! I must definitely look for the 2009 version when in Florence. I'm thinking this might be the answer to "what does one get their minister friend for Christmas? A priest calendar of course!" But I wonder how that would go over with her Anglican priest husband though? LOL (Actually he's got a great sense of humour, I'm sure he'd get just as big a kick out of it as Valerie would.)


I saw this nun contest article as well... and thought hmmmm... I was just thinking that there may be higher sales in priest calendars than the nun ones... sure makes religious life more human ...

Maybe it will be a pitch to increase interest in the religious vocation... I heard there is a shortage of priests and nuns these days... one of the churches in my area even closed because of that... no priest to "man" the parish

Sandra, I say it it not too late either! We could paste new months on top of the old ones!! October is my favorite also :)

Eden, I think that was the purpose but it just did not go over well. The contest was officially canceled.

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