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have you ever...

I have definitely been a lazy blogger this week. I found the perfect meme on
Fizzy Thoughts blog tonight ~ Have You Ever…A Meme For Lazy Bloggers.
This meme comes from chartroose's blog.

have you ever...

1. gone on a blind date? Nope.

2. skipped school? Yes, I skipped Sunday School and later got caught. Not a good thing since Sunday School (which was held on Saturdays – don’t ask me where the name came from) was a religious class.

3. been on the opposite side of your country? Yes. I grew up in Massachusetts and now live in Hawaii. That is pretty much as opposite as you can get.

4. swam in the ocean? Yes, both the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans.

5. had your booze taken away by the cops? Nope.

6. lettered in a high school sport? Yes, cheerleading (which I am not sure is really considered a sport, at least back when I was in High School) and Track.

7. cried yourself to sleep? Yes.

8. played a musical instrument? Yes, if the flutophone counts.

9. sung karaoke? Nope. I don’t even like to sing in front of my kids at school unless a song from a CD player drowns out my voice.

10. cheated on an exam? Hmmm? I bubbled in the SAT tests making a duck picture once. Does that count?

11. played spin-the-bottle? Nope.

12. laughed until some sort of beverage came out of your nose? I can’t recall some sort of beverage ever coming out of my mouth, but I have laughed hard enough to pee my pants.

13. watched the sun rise with someone you care about? Yes, but not very often since I am not a morning person.

14. ever been arrested? Nope.

15. gone ice skating? Yes, and I even have a scar over my eye to prove it.

16. been skinny dipping? Nope, at least I don’t remember skinny dipping.

17. been on television? Nope.

18. thrown up in front of a date? Yes.

Don't forget to check out Jill's meme responses and if you decide to play along, please link back to chartroose's meme blog post.

Comments (3)

Cheerleading?!?! I didn't expect that one.

Oh I love the bubble in a duck picture thing! How creative and funny!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Girasoli, I had to come back and comment on this post! I would do the meme, but unfortunately I haven't quite figured out how to do a meme yet?:)

I enjoyed reading your replies and everyone else's on their cool blogs! Gives me more insight! :) Just for fun, I had 5 no's! (3, 5, 6, 14, 16) To say anymore would hurt my credibility! Ha, ha!

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