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proposed tax changes...

I hope this will clear up the myth that Obama plans to raise everyone's taxes. Below is a chart from the Washington Post of the proposed tax hikes by both McCain (in red) and Obama (in blue). According to McCain's plan, the more money you make, the more of a tax cut you will be getting. That means that people making over over six hundred thousand dollars a year will be getting another 3.4% tax cut and people making over 2.87 MILLION dollars will be getting another 4.4% tax cut. No wonder why Donald Trump is endorsing McCain. It looks to me that Obama and is looking out for the middle class and is also looking at ways to tackle the 9 plus trillion dollars of debt from the Iraq war.


And for a more descriptive way of looking at the recent history of Democratic tax policies vs. Republican tax policies, Art & Barb recently posted this cartoon (not sure of the original source) on their blog. You can't get any clearer that this!

(*edited...added the cartoon Tuesday morning)

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Girasoli, I like the side by side comparison. I agree about not getting anymore clearer than that. Great and informative post! Have a great evening!

Fantastic! I've just posted the chart and my thoughts about it on my blog too! Some say we're preaching to the choir, but to nothing would be unthinkable! Thanks for letting me know about this!

Great post and chart. Why is it not sinking in that the whole trickle down theory just doesn't work?

It just blows my mind to remember that Bush inherited a balanced budget AND a surplus from Clinton and now....oy vey.

Obama will be inheriting a big ole Republican-created mess. He's up to the task though.

Barack to the Future!

Thank you for posting the chart and the cartoon. I agree, it doesn’t get any clearer than this.


I have seen the graphic before, but not the cartoon - it is awesome! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks eveyrone. Glad to hear that you all get it!! I just hope that somehow the rest of this country will wake up before it is too late!!

Annie, I love that...Barack to the Future! I haven't heard that before.

I like it too. I saw it on a bumper sticker in the parking lot at my job!

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