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we have a choice...vote wisely

November 4th is fast approaching. Our country is in trouble. We have been through eight years of horrible leadership. This election is not to be taken lightly. We need to take a good look at the issues and vote wisely. This is not an American Idol contest. The choice we make will impact the future of our country, the future of our children.

McCain and Palin talk about being mavericks. They say they are reformers. They say they will clean up Washington. McCain has been part of Washington for 26 years. McCain has voted with Bush 90% of the time. McCain and Palin say they will give more tax cuts to the rich and to the oil companies. McCain says the fundamentals of our economy are strong. If that is true, why are people losing their jobs, losing their houses, and why are so many without health care.

In the Contingencies magazine, September/October 2008 issue, McCain said: "Opening up the health insurance market to more vigorous nationwide competition, as we have done over the last decade in banking, would provide more choices of innovative products less burdened by the worst excesses of state-based regulation."

Deregulation went so well with the banking industry, why not have the health care industry follow this model? And while we are at it, the idea both Bush and McCain have regarding privatizing Social Security (investing in the market) is yet another grand idea. What's next?

We can’t forget Palin. One of her big claims is how open and honest she is. Palin says she has nothing to hide. That was until she decided to no longer be open and honest about the bipartisan ethics investigation on her possible abuse of power while in office. Palin is getting a lot more criticism these days by the people of Alaska on this issue. Palin continues to talk about honesty and yet continues to lie about the bridge to nowhere.

McCain believes “Roe v. Wade is a flawed decision that must be overturned, and as president he will nominate judges who understand that courts should not be in the business of legislating from the bench.” In other words, McCain plans to overturn Roe v Wade and take away a woman's right to choose whether or not to have an abortion. Palin is even against abortion in cases of rape and incest. While Palin was mayor, the town of Wasilla charged rape victims for their own medical exams!

Both McCain and Palin are also against federal funding of birth control and sex education. Once when asked if McCain believed if contraceptives helped stop the spread of HIV? He replied after a long pause, "You’ve stumped me."

Does any of this sound like change? Can this country take four more years of more of the same? What exactly will McCain and Palin be reforming besides continuing to put this country in jeopardy and taking away more rights?

I will be voting for Obama and Biden. I believe in their commitment to change. I have spent quite a bit of time on the Obama-Biden website. I like what they have to say. I believe in their ideas. I believe they have the country’s best interest at heart. The Obama-Biden issues page provides a summary of where they stand on many of the issues important to this country (scroll down to see each issue). Over the next few weeks, I will post videos of Obama discussing specifics on some of these issues.

Today, I leave you with a video of hopeful Americans from all walks of life who want real change…

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I just finished reading Team of Rivals and in it there is a great quote from Daniel Goleman, "Having hope means that one will not give in to overwhelming anxiety, a deafeatis attitude, or depression in the face of difficult challenges or setbacks." Hope is "more than the sunny view that everything will turn out all right; it is believing you have the will and the way to accomplish your goals."

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Girasoli, great post! You said it all so well! I'll have to come back to your post after work to read your links and view that video!

Great post. And I just checked the polls - North Carolina has moved from Red to Pink (red is strongly Republican so it's a move in the right direction) - woo hoo!

I went to a street festival this weekend, and both parties had booths. There was lots of activity at the Obama booth, and at the "other" booth it was pretty quiet and lonely with just three guys sitting there looking bored. The Democrats were giving out these great postcards with all the dates and locations for early voting and other helpful info. And they had these very cool T-shirts that said "Yes We Can" in twelve different languages.

Anyway, thanks for this post and have a great week. GOBAMA!

Kim, I love that quote! Thanks for sharing!!

Kathy, thanks. I worked hard on it. I am not a great writer. I wanted to make it simple enough and straight forward in hopes that someone still on the fence might read this. Plus it is good for my mental health to get out all my frustrations this way.

Annie, I have been watching North Carolina! That would be very cool if he can get some of the red states!! Yes, GO OBAMA!!

Couldn't agree more. This election is so important in so many ways. I just moved to Atlanta, GA and people here are so excited to vote they are lining up just to vote early. I'm feeling positive of Obama's chances, but scared about how Americans have voted in the last two elections, so I'll be crossing my fingers, that for sure.

Hi Kristy, welcome! Glad to hear you will be voting in Georgia for Obama! I agree about being nervous when looking at past voting records. I just don't understand how everyone fell for Bush for a second term...and we all know he never really won that first term.

I'll be voting soon since I'll be in Spain on Nov. 4. I'm not happy about missing the excitement of the last two weeks before Election Day but I'm expecting a big celebration in Europe when Obama is elected.


Wonderful post, friend! You lay it out really well. Fingers crossed for Obama!!

María, now that will be a fun celebration to be at! Don't forget to toast all of us back here when it happens!!

Chiocciola, my fingers and toes are crossed!!

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