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"wild" ~ PhotoHunt



*Taken in Genova down by the waterfront.

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I'll go along with "wild" for this! Good one...

Wow, that is amazingly wild, great photo :)

LOL! This is my favorite one of the day! That is one wild and crazy sculpture. Where in the world did you find it?

Hope you're having a great weekend!

That's hilarious and definitely wild! Happy weekend.

I decided to think "outside the box" on this one :)
I took this photo in Genova down by the waterfront area.

I *love* it. It is definitely a wild statue. Thanks for thinking out of the box and making me smile.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Girasoli, that is definitely a wild photo. So much going on . . . :)
Great theme photo selection! Have a great weekend!

Well, that was different and interesting.

Oh, my! That certainly fits the theme!

Be blessed!

WILD! WILD! Slightly obscene, but fun all the same. LOL

LOL! Wild and WEIRD! Love it!

That sculpture is definitely wild!!!!! I'm wondering what it means...
Happy Sunday!! :)

Now that sure is a wild statue!

That is one wild sculpture! I love it when people think out of the box. It looks like something out of the minds of Dali or Picasso.

Great photo! It definately fits the "wild" theme.


I saw that wild thing, too!

Thanks everyone for stopping by and leaving a comment. I thought "wild" when I first saw this photo and then forgot all about it until Friday night when I was wracking my brain for a photo to use. Glad you all liked it :)

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