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a happy halloween joke

Kim's Halloween joke inspired me to post a joke. Here goes...

Shortest Blond Joke:

One blonde asks another:
"Which is further, London or the Moon?"..............

The other replies:
"HELLOOOOO, can you see London from here??!!"

A friend sent this joke to me a few years ago. When I read it the other day, my first thought was "being able to see Russia"... (you know the rest).

All you need to do, change a few words and it fits in perfectly with the Halloween theme under "scary"!!

Happy Halloween!!!

Comments (5)

Happy Hallowe'en!

I always post just a picture.

Then someone will ask me somethig in a comment - and I will post a little bit of writing under the picture.

Then another person will say something different, and I will add on yet again... :)

Leslie, thanks for the info...glad I am not losing my mind!! :)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Good one! It took me a second to get the last part of your post but when it registered I LOL!

Have a great weekend! We're almost there . . .

Great joke and perfect for scary! Bet there were lots of Palin costumes all over the USA last night! Hope you have a good weekend!

Thanks Kathy & Annie. My friend dressed up as Sarah Palin at work yesterday. I joked with her telling her that I could not talk to her until she changed back to herself :)

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