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black swans appear at ala moana beach park

A mystery but a beautiful one as beach goers and park users noticed a beautiful sight...four black swans at Ala Moana Beach Park. I saw this entertaining story on KITV news last night. Unfortunately the this news site does not have links to embed videos. If you want to see these magnificent creatures and this interesting video about them, click on the black swans link above to view the 1:49 minute video. My favorite part of the video is when the news reporter tries to interview one of the black swans.

I was fortunate to see a few beautiful black swans at the Byodo-In Temple last summer. I have never seen black swans at the beach. In case you have not seen a black swan before and do not have time to watch the video, I am re-posting one of the black swan photos I posted last year.

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Oh my stars! Look at that Koi carp! I just love those. Great swan pic! :)

G: A creative interviewing technique - lol. The swans with the swimmers and surfers were a great part of the video as well.

Your mentioning the Byoto In Temple brought a smile to me. When I first visited Hawaii, that was one very spiritual place for me - not sure what the draw was. When I went back to live in Hawaii, I visited there and again. And, when my fiance and I reconnected, it was the first place I asked him to take me. Ahh, I miss Hawaii... especially as the air gets crisper here on the East Coast. Enjoy the sunshine .. M

What beautiful creatures! I've never seen one in person, only photos. Wonderful photo!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Girasoli, wow they are very beautiful. I enjoyed watching the video. I am so curious how they got there. And they seem so comfortable around people. That was cute how the reporter tried to interview the swans. Cool post!

Leslie, if you click on the link to my Byodo-In Temple post, you will see a whole school of Koi carp.

menehune, I really liked this video clip. It shows a pretty typical day (except for the swans) at Ala Moana Beach. My vist last summer to the Byodo-In Temple was the first time I have been there. It was a very beautiful and peaceful place.

Annie, they are quite amazing. I could have spent hours watching them.

Kathy, I also wonder how they got there and where they came from. It would have been fun to be there that day watching how everyone reacted seeing them. They seemed very tame. The reporter in this clip does some pretty crazy things. That was funny watching him interview the swan :)

That was a fun video. It was definitely strange to see swans in the ocean. I wonder where they escaped from. Do you know if they are still there? The Marriott in Kauai had a couple of them in their ponds on the hotel grounds. I thought they were so beautiful.

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