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who am I voting for?

I'm voting for...

Click on the button for more (after clicking, scroll down below the
button to learn more about "That One").

And if you missed the debate, check out this 3 second clip...

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Incredible in the true sense of the word. Just. Wow. I've already voted for Obama...yay absentee ballots!

Good for you! I love your new Obama widget.
We can start voting on the 21st. Vote early, vote Obama!!



Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Girasoli, I know who I'm voting for too and if the debate sample tracking is accurate so do a lot of independents! I couldn't also believe his comments on the first question .

Awesome! That One is THE One!

Check this out too:


I'll be voting on Oct. 16.

I thought he was so condescending all night and his jokes were not funny (in my opinion).

Kathy, I couldn't believe it either. Did you mean the joining him at a Town Hall meeting or the jello on the wall?

Annie, thanks for the link, I added it to this post.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Girasoli, I couldn't believe the jello comment either. It was actually something he said not to Obama but to the person asking the first (?) question from the audience. I think the topic (economy) came after the reference to fannie Mae was brought up (by McCain). First, McCain didn't answer the guy's question and then he assumed he probably didn't know about that situation. It came off kind of condescending to make that assumption. I also was surprised at how many jokes McCain made during the debate.

I was just watching the ABC nightly news and they brought up how he responded the the man saying that he probably was not aware of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. I agree that it was another very condescending moment. Did you happen to see Michelle Obama on Larry King? She is so above all the nastiness. It is amazing how the FOX news reporters and others were able to give her a bad rap. I was very impressed with her replies to Larry King's questions.


I love that logo! So cool. I hadnt seen it before!

Thanks Chiocciola. I googled the phrase after the debate was over and found it first on a blog. The next day Annie pointed out the "that one" website.

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