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the game for all the marbles

Game 7 (Sox vs. Rays) starts in 35 minutes on TBS, that is IF they don't lose the feed again and show Bloopers and then The Steve Harvey Show. It's do-or-die time today after staying alive and winning Game 6 yesterday. Today, we either win and go on to play in the World Series or pack up and go home. My fingers and toes are crossed, my stomach is in knots, and my heart is racing!!


*I will post more after this game (either way)...

So...the Rays won the marbles this time around. Congratulations. They were the better team tonight.

I am still so very proud of my Red Sox. They dealt with many injuries this year and never gave up. Everyone said they would lose to the Angels and wouldn't even make it to the ALCS. They had a 1 out of 1000 chance of coming back and winning Thursday night's game when down 7-0 in the 7th inning. They made it all the way to Game 7 of the ALCS. They won 101 games this year.

The Red Sox will always always be my team, win or lose. They played their hearts out this year and gave us another magical game to remember forever.

The good news is now I can catch up on everything I have put on hold for baseball.

Oh, and I will be rooting for the Phillies in the World Series. Shane Victorino, center fielder for the Phillies is a Maui boy. Since my team is out, I am rooting local on this one. Go Phillies!

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Well, it was a valiant effort. And that comeback game was so amazing - it's hard to regain the momentum after something like that. Glad you're not mourning too badly (and I hope that we will be celebrating another victory two weeks and two days from today!). Have a great week!


Brava, Girasoli, for staying loyal to your team. You are a very good sport!!!

As Annie says, there should be a really big victory coming up in two weeks`time!

G: Yes, Bosox fans are forever. It was an entertaining game - well played but wish the results were different! Congrats to the Rays. Agreed last night they were the better team. Good for them - first time must be thrilling.

Go Phillies too! Shane V grew up beside my fiance's family on Maui...so our family will be cheering for the Phillies by way of Maui.... Now back to life as we know it.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Girasoli, it was a great series! And that comeback game will go down in history!
Have fun catching up on everything! And oh yes, only a little more than two weeks to go . . .

Once again, I give full credit to the 2004 Boston Red Sox for allowing me to be "ok" with their loss. I can happily say, maybe next year. Before 2004 it was pretty painful. I don't know how Cubs fans do it. Funny thing happened today. One of my friends at work asked if I was in mourning because I was wearing a black shirt. The thought did not even cross my mind while I was half awake picking out a shirt to wear.

Annie & Sandra, an Obama victory is definitely in sight. But as a Red Sox fan, and especially pre-2004, the race is not over until the fat lady sings...I hope voters don't become too overconfident.

menehune, cool story! Hawaii is not big at all when it comes to baseball, but I have a feeling this year, we will get a little more World Series coverage with Victorino playing.

Go Phillies & Go Obama!!!

Kathy, I was lucky to record it. It will be one more treasured game to add to my collection of positive Sox memories :)

The anticipation is killing me! I can't wait til the 4th is over!!

Ann McClellan:

We watched that last game here in Hawaii with you. My husband is from Boston so, of course, the Bo Sox are in his blood. It was a very sad vacation day for him as we all watched that last at bat end.

I had forgotten that you were also a fan; we should have planned a GTG to watch it!

Oh well, if you had to watch them lose what better place then on the North Shore. We could always go to Ted's afterwards to lick our wounds with a haupia pie.

Ann (Ann M on Slow Trav)

Hi Ann!!! Good to hear from you!! I didn't realize Paul was a Red Sox fan. Haupia pie - that would have been a good idea win or lose!! I haven't been up there in quite a while...need to get back up there sometime soon!

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