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technical difficulties...

Cable is out, internet is out...

I am not a happy blogger right now. Earliest someone can come out to check out the situation will be Saturday OR Sunday. I am "borrowing" someone else's wireless connection to post this.

Hopefully I will be back online sooner than later...

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Bummer! I am on my sister's internet up north for 3 days.

Alessandro showed me all 3 cats on the webcam tonight. :)

Oh I'm sorry to hear this. Hope it's "sooner" rather than "later." And I hope that your shoulder is healing up well too...


Oh no -- that is my worst nightmare, to lose cable AND the internet!!!!

Good luck!

It is amazing at how addicted we all get to our cable and internet. The only thing I get on my TV right now is snow (and noise). I was pretty irritated at how my cable company expected me to take the entire day off to get this fixed. That is why Saturday or Sunday will now be the earliest day to get this fixed.

I am at work right now (we are supposed to NOT use our work computers for personal use...but it is my lunch break, so I am indulging). Hopefully the wireless I "borrowed" last night will be available until I get mine back. Thinking positively, at least my outage did not happen election night! I watched "Somebody Up There Likes Me" last night (a movie I have been wanting to watch that I recorded during the Paul Newman day on TMC).

I am getting a little more range in my shoulder every day which is great! The pain varies depending on how much I stretch and how I sleep.

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