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"breakfast"~ PhotoHunt


Breakfast in Italy can be simple:
(cappuccino and brioche in Camogli)

or elaborate:
(buffet breakfast at Hotel Eden in Sirmione, Lake Garda)

Breakfast in Italy can also be in beautiful settings:
(outside table at Hotel Eden in Sirmione, Lake Garda)

(garden table at Hotel Victoria in Torino)

BUT my favorite breakfast in Italy is breakfast with my friends Guido & Katia:
(sitting outside Katia's parents' house in Coccaglio enjoying her mom's beautiful garden)

Comments (22)

That buffet looks good. Love the tilework in the last picture.

Wow! I love your photos and post. :)

I saw another Smart yesterday - and I scrapped a pic with one last night. I might post it later today. :)

I'd skip the coffee, but the brichoe look yummy. And what beautiful settings!


What a nice breakfast! I'd love to be in Italy eating it!

The garden table at the Hotel Victoria is breathtaking and the buffet looks so inviting. Great photos!

If you have time stop by my Photo Hunt.

All of those look wonderful. I wouldn't mind being at any of those breakfasts right now.


Hard to think of a prettier place to have breakfast!

Looks appetizing - very welcoming - wish I were there! M

Look at that spread!!! I'll have a hard time choosing what I'll like to have for sure :P

I'm heading to a breakfast buffet tomorrow!

I played too :)

Alice, the buffet was great! I also love the tilework at my friend’s mom’s house. I tried to get the garden in the photos also but couldn’t due to the angle.

Leslie, thanks! I can’t wait to see your new smart car.

June, both places were very beautiful and the food was good too!

JyLnC, I loved the Hotel Victoria breakfast setting. The food was also great.

Marta, thanks! Me too!!

sandi, grazie!!

menehune, I would love to be at any of those places right now.

Napaboaniya APAD, it was difficult deciding with so many choices!

Teena in Toronto, lucky you! I have not gone out for breakfast in a long time (except when in Italy).


AAAhhhh, wonderful!!! what a beautiful collection and settings for breakfast!
Bellissimo :=)

This was a wonderful sequence of photographs. So beautiful and appealing to me.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Girasoli, these are great Photo Theme photos! I love your comparisons . . . . I'm a breakfast person more than lunch or dinner . . .. but while in Italy I'd be happy with a piece of toast if I had those views and nice friends to share it with . . .

Have a great Sunday!

All beautiful spots for such beautiful food. Great shots.

Isn’t it wonderful to enjoy breakfast while on vacation? Your photos are all gorgeous but the last one is the most precious. Happy Sunday!

I love all your photos. Breakfast in Italy...oh how I would love that today :)

Nice shots. I really wish I was a breakfast person.

Clara, just found your comment in my junk comment section. The brioche was very yummy. Can't eat chocolate ones any more (migraines) so I go for the crema filled ones now (almost as good). Thanks for stopping by!! Loved your snow view and cup of cheerios :)

Mar, grazie mille! Loved your cup of .... Beautiful photo!

Carver, thanks. Some weeks the theme just comes together and other weeks it is a struggle.

Kathy, good company is always a bonus!

Snap2Days, thanks! How I would love to be at any one of those spots right now.

Maria, yes it is! I was just thinking how I don't dread getting up half as much when I am on vacation in Italy. The last one holds such wonderful memories.

maryann, I love your blog also! Thanks so much for stopping by. And yes, me too!!!

jams, thanks!


I think breakfasts in Italy are one of my favourite things -- and your photos are lovely. I'm drooling, not only over the food but over those fantastic outdoor settings -- breakfast on the edge of Lake Garda would be so beautiful!

Thanks Sandra. I loved my breakfasts out on the deck in Sirmione on Lake Garda.

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