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My all time favorite trip was a sailing trip to Molokai, Labor Day weekend, 1996. The night before this trip, I had dinner with some friends. While having dinner, they mentioned that there 13 people going on their yearly sailing trip to Molokai., which they joked was an unlucky number. They asked me to join them to make it a lucky 14. I was thrilled! My favorite place in the world is to be on a boat and three whole days sailing was a dream come true. Little did I realize just how breathtaking the views would be on this trip.

Early Saturday morning, we left Oahu and sailed to Molokai. On Sunday, we sailed over to Lanai, did some snorkeling, and then sailed over to Maui for the afternoon. Monday morning, we sailed around the North Shore (or what locals call "the Back Side") of Molokai. This side is not accessible except by boat. At the far end is of the North Shore is Kalauapapa, which is only accessible by plane, boat, and mule. After a day of gazing at incredible sea cliffs, many of which are the highest in the world, and swimming up onto a beach by an incredible waterfall, we sailed back home to Oahu.

*I took these photos with a point & shoot film camera. The negatives were pretty old when I scanned them in a few years ago. They don't do justice to the beauty of this island. I only wish I had a good digital camera when I went on this trip.

My friend's boat, the Kahala Kai, which is anchored nearby the house where we stayed on Molokai. Maui is in the background.

Delicioius fish for dinner Saturday night. The fish was caught Saturday afternoon, spear fishing off of Lanai.

First views heading towards the North Shore of Molokai.

The first of many incredible waterfalls on the North Shore of Molokai. The ocean was the most beautiful shade of blue. Unfortunately it does not show up correctly on this photo.

Beautiful velvet mountains on the North Shore of Molokai.

Another amazing waterfall. We swam up onto this beach. The waterfall was too powerful to stand underneath.

This is my favorite view of the North Shore of Molokai. Click here for a better photo of this spot, taken from a different angle.

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If I had ever been there, then it would be my favorite trip, too! Beautiful!

I've never seen a splendor like this before.
I clearly understand this is a favorite for you.
Thanks for sharing this natural wonder

Oh my stars! You lead an interesting life.
Those photos are FANTASTIC! :)


Breathtaking - Molokai and Lanai - two islands on my 'bucket list'.... Thanks for sharing these spectacular shots. The rugged mountains - oh! Hope you are drying out there! M

Oh - what a great way to spend your holiday!!

What amazing views.. and tasty fish too! Happy weekend


Talk about a dream vacation!

A good place it looks for sailing and fishing!
Those catches look awesome and somehow I'm pretty much drooling thinking about savoring them :P

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Girasoli, there are great photos and it must have been spectacular sailing around with such awesome views. No wonder it is you favorite selection this week! Have a great Sunday!

Sounds like an amazing sailing trip and your photos are gorgeous! That's a LOT of fish. I see a few red snappers ...

Thanks everyone. This trip was definitely a once in a lifetime trip. AND the fish was sooo ono (delicous!!). I just wish I had better photos to share.

So beautiful! What a gorgeous place. And I think the photos look great (even if they are old-timey!).

Wow that is just gorgeous! What an amazing place. I love sailing and I love the water so that seems like a dream trip to me too.


Ahhhh, I am in raptures of glory looking at these photos!!!! Brilliant colours and shapes and textures!! I love the one of the velvet mountains (any chance you'd email me the original so I can use it as a wall paper on my desktop?!) Thanks for making my day with these gorgeous images!


Those are fantastic photos, what a beautiful trip. And the stack of fish is sensational -- so many wonderful colours. I love the composition.

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