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wiped out

I want to apologize to everyone for not keeping up with all of your blogs the past few days. The baking frenzy completely wiped me out. I was up til 1:30 in the morning Sunday and Monday night. Last night I went to bed at 7pm and I am still exhausted. The last week of school before our break as well as the regular Christmas stress has not helped.

Anyways, I have been peeking in on everyone's blogs and will try to comment more thoroughly by the end of the week as well as comment on your comments on my blog, that is if this next storm that is approaching does not do major damage and wipe out my power again.

For now, here are some mini-comments (is that a word?) to some of your new posts:

Annie, the aqua alta photos are amazing.

Kim, I love the hats.

Sandra, congrats on signing up for an Italian language class. I wish we had more options here for classes. I would love to sign up for another class. Have fun!!

Palma, Rome for Christmas next year? How exciting!!

Marta, I hope it is warming up there for you and I am glad you answered my "Where's Borneo?" question. I was going to eventually google it.

Chiocciola, you crack me up that you actually put a link to my ziploc bag!

Jerry, I wish I had the energy you have for baking all those delicious cookies.

Leslie, cool Sorrento photo :)

Jill & Anne, love the lists.

Oh and Anne, I will email you that photo this weekend and I did leave you a quick comment tonight for #1000, hoping everyone else was already asleep and did not see your post yet :)

Maria, I must tell you my story about the French pay toilet someday.

Jane, loved the "you need more drops between them" line.

menehune, Lily is beautiful.

Diana, is that a new layout of am I just dreaming things? Brava on getting your threatening letters to work.

Brenda, Cesar Millan sure is an amazing person.

And to all you slow soupers, the Italian Wedding Soup looks deelish!!

Off to bed to rest my weary head...

OH...and about the photos for the cheesecake bars. I completely spaced out on taking a photo of the finished bars after they were cut up. I packaged them up late Monday night and brought them all to school on Tuesday. I did however take some photos of the process and will post them later in the week when I get my energy back.

ps...Michael & Lisa, if you are reading this, I hope you have power and are toasty warm! (well I guess you would need power to read this...duh!)

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Hi - waving at you from my state of exhaustion. :)

Last day of school tomorrow - out all day on the bus to the pool and ice skating.

I have to tell you that the line "the baking frenzy completely wiped me out" is cracking me up here! I can relate. When I get into my rare domestic spells, they wear me out too. And I've got one coming up next week since I'm doing some of the holiday cooking for the family. I hope I'm over my jet lag by then!

Rest up and I hope the power stays on this time!

I was beginning to get worried and was going to send you an email thinking that you had a migraine. The holiday season brings a lot of stress into our lives and it is a very busy time of the year for everyone, especially for teachers. Rest up and I hope that your power stays up and you stay dry. We had a big storm here with lots of snow in the high country. It's also cold in the desert.

I bought Lindor truffles and told everyone that was the extent of my holiday baking this year. :-D Because I couldn't be bothered to put down my book and bake. Let alone stay up until 1:30!!

I'll keep my fingers crossed that your power stays on!

Glad to hear that you are getting your strength back. I haven't baked much this year since I'm not working. I don't want that stuff at home to temp me. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you don't get any more nasty storms.

Thanks everyone. Good news. The new storm they talked about yesterday is not supposed to be a serious storm anymore for us (at least as of tonight) although unfortunately for Kauai, which was hit bad last weekend, the storm is set to hit there later on tonight.

Leslie, ice skating sounds like fun! Happy vacation :)

Annie, sending you positive vibes for lots of baking energy!!

Maria, migraines were included in my wiped out state. Lack of sleep is a trigger. The weather here also hasn't helped. The vog is back. Everyone with allergies has been suffering.

The weather has been crazy everywhere! I was shocked when I saw snow in Las Vegas today! I hope it warms up for you soon!! Either that or bust out your skis :)

Softdrink, you are smart!! Last year, I did cream puffs (from the store). I don't think a baking frenzy is in my immediate future for years to come. At least not while I am working.

Marta, I know just what you mean. That is why I didn't join the ice cream scoopers. Having a good pint of ice cream in my freezer is dangerous! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you also for the weather to warm up.

I've added you too! Thanks :)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

HI Girasoli, I have to admire your baking determination (and everyone elses). I really did come very close to pulling out those baking utensils and pans . . . . but then after 3 days straight of rain here in LA the forecaset for the weekend is clear (with 2-4 ft of fresh powder). Maybe next year for me . . . :)

Hang in there! Lucky that you have a nice break for the holidays! Have a great holidays and a Happy New Year!


And, in case I forget, Mele Kalikimaka!


Girasoli, I know what you mean. I think I've had too much Christmas; I'm feeling very tired and emotional. (And whatever other phrases adults use when kids go a bit crazy around Christmas!)

Hope you've gotten your equilibrium back! I know I'm hoping for a quiet weekend with perhaps just a little more Christmas baking.

Kathy, I would have done the same thing!

Thanks menehune...you too!!

Sandra, I hope my equilibrium returns soon also! Today I enjoyed a nice quiet lazy day, which was so needed.

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