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back to school

I enjoyed the luxury of sleeping in almost every morning during my wonderful three week break. Many of you know that I am not a morning person. Now that school has started, it has been like dealing with jet lag. As the years go by, my body seems to take longer to adjust to having to suddenly get up early again. I guess I should have tried the cherries. It also seems more difficult to adjust to the first few days back at work after a long break. On top of that, I have a bunch of work due for a three credit class I have been taking and of course queen procrastinator that I am, I have left much of the written part due to the last minute.

I have been peeking in on everyone, but have been too tired to do much blogging or commenting. I tried to do a little at lunch today, but then got interrupted. I hope to be back blogging and commenting by the weekend...that is if this next storm headed our way doesn't knock out the power once again.

The National Weather Service has issued a high wind watch starting tomorrow evening and extending through Friday afternoon. They are saying this storm could be worse than the storm that knocked down all the lines on the Leeward Coast two years ago. We are also supposed to be getting more rain and HUGE surf. They have already closed many of the beaches for tomorrow. The state is taking this storm seriously, warning us now to get our flashlights ready. I know where mine is :) I even have a big bag of ice in my freezer from the first power outage. I just hope I don't end up on the road during the storm. Possible school closures have already been talked about for Friday but my school never gets closed unless of course a hurricane is about to hit. At least we are not having to deal with the horrible cold weather many of you are dealing with.

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Girasoli, sorry about the storm headed your way. Seems like the islands has had some harsh weather these past few months! The ice is a good back-up just in case plan which I hope you don't have to use. Your Queen of Procrastination comments always makes me laugh because I can be that way too some times. Good luck with your class and hope your transition back to work goes smoothly.

Have a great weekend!

Cold weather? What's that? It's been in the high '80s over here. Ugh!

Good luck with getting back into work mode. And go do your homework!


Good lord, you really have had some extreme weather recently -- that has to be contributing to your migraines.

I hope this next storm passes you by and that you're feeling better as you get back into the work groove.

I know what you mean about not being a morning person! I love sleeping in, but the last year, I've forced myself to get up relatively early even on weekends and holidays, in the hope that that will minimize the painful transition back to work days.



Wow! I was born and raised on Oahu (went to high school on the Big Island). Meet a guy from Massachusetts at Kainoa's Bar and married him two years later. Now we're living in Italy. How odd and synchronitic(?) your blog, you, and I are.

Hearing about the weather makes me miss Hawaii more than usual. Storms were always a source of excitement for me as a kid. And, right now, some high winds and rain would be welcomed compared to the snow we have right now. I'm an island girl. Snow is a novelty for three days, then I'm ready for the sun and to go to the beach!

I've bookmarked your blog. I'm looking forward to reading it.

(In case you are curious, i found your blog searching for more info on the Golden Shower Trees. I wanted to find out what they're really called.)

Hope there are no major problems with the storm!!

It is interesting that it is getting more difficult for you to switch back after a vacation - in general it seems like people become more morning persons when they get older. I, for instance, seem to wake up early even if I don't want to.

Girasoli: Batten down the hatches. At least you know the 'drill' by now.

And I hear there are 35 foot waves on the North Shore - how exciting is that .. I remember that there was water and people boogie boarding down streets in Waikiki two years ago with the flooding.

Stay dry and warm .... yes, we are freezin' here. Wonder if Coral will visit more often huh - funny coincidence! And, I want to know where 'softdrink' lives ... 80's sounds pretty good to me right about now. M

Kathy, we often have a lot of storms in the winter time (that is basically our winter weather). We rarely have power outages though - at least where I live. This latest storm is not the norm though in the winter time. We usually just have a lot of bad rain but not the wind that is predicted. That is more of a summer thing.

Now that I have tomorrow off, and I will have 5 days off, it will be like starting all over again when I go back to work, although I will be getting up as early as possible on Tuesday to watch all the festivities. It starts at 5 here in Hawaii.

softdrink, I am not sure if many of your blogging buddies will be happy with your comment ;) Laughed with your homework comment. Even as a teacher, I have never changed my ways...

sandra, I think it is a bunch of things. I am now back out of the work groove again...but that is fine with me! I have tried forcing myself to get up early, but then I end up taking a mid-morning nap when at home.

Coral, aloha!! Great to hear from you!! So where are you in Italy now? Definitely a small small world! I miss the snow a lot but I definitely don't miss the cold. I would be missing Hawaii too if I was away from the warm weather, the sun, and the beach for a long period of time. I lived in Washington State for two years and had to move back to Hawaii because i missed it so much. Glad you are enjoying my blog.

Chiocciola, I will be glad when it passes. I think I will be fine (except another possible power outage) now that I won't have to be on the road tomorrow. Thanks for your concern. I think I am a true night owl and will never switch over to a morning lark.

menehune, I would LOVE to go see the waves tomorrow, but it will definitely not be a good day to be on the road, especially driving up to the North Shore. Yep, 35 feet, but that is the new way to describe the heights. I think it is more like 20-25 feet the old way. Ty should know. I hate that they changed it because I always understood the old way much better.

softdrink is just *showing off* ;) She lives in California.

I'm late reading this entry but I hope the storm didn't create too much havoc and that your power stayed on.

Thanks María, luckily as you read in my next post, the storm never materialized.

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