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"hat(s)"~ PhotoHunt


Kindergarten children wearing hats they made for Chinese New Year:

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Charming entry for Hats

the top is made of paper? really ingenious and beautiful!

Cute!!! The new year coming up, at least I think it is, is MY year...the year of the Ox?!!! Yay.

I'm not a hat person, but I found 'hats' around our home that will work for the hunt. Come on over if you can. I would love to have your company.

What delightful hats. THey will be doing this again soon, yes? Happy weekend!

This is so cute and taking it from the back shows those cute little braids!

Stop by and see my photo hunt if you have time.
JyLnC - Hats

nice paper hats :)
or are they made of plastic?

chinese new year is just around da corner...lalala :D

Very nice contribution to this week's PhotoHunt theme. I like how colorful the scene is. It looks like they're watching a parade, correct?

By the way, over at my blog I'm starting a new photo-meme for Sundays based on my Sunday Scenery posts. The details can be found on the Sunday Scenery Photo Meme page on my blog. I hope you'll consider joining the fun.

No one said the pics had to be new . . . if they did I didn't see it! LOL This is a great picture . . . what are they making for this year?

I love this shot. What great hats for the New Year. Happy weekend.

That is so lovely pictures, keep it up and check out also mine! Enjoy your weekend TC :)

It's a great photo. Love those hats and the braids.

Hope all is well with the storm and the wind and the power!

Happy Weekend. Three more days....:)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Girasoli, Wonderful theme photo selection. I think the children's hats are so cute! I love it!

Have a great weekend!

How interesting!! I love the way the kids' hats are put together.

I did Photo Hunters today, too! Hope you get a chance to visit.


Hi Again....regarding your comment you left for me just a few minutes ago...Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid is MY favorite movie too. It's a classic...I can mouth the words right along with the script I've seen it so many times in the last 40 years.

And the sketch is one I did myself...
Thanks for the comment.

Have a great weekend.

G; Sweet photo - I love the multicultural aspects of Hawaii..It's a great learning experience for even the young'uns.. Menehue


Glad you did since I didn't see it the first time. Very colorful get ups and a great shot of them.

I love the hats. They are perfect for Chinese New Years - red for good luck. Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Thanks everyone! I forgot to link to my other post when I first did this post late last night. The children were lined up waiting to watch the lion dance that was about to start. The hats were made out of tissue paper and construction paper. Not sure how the teacher made the braids. The teacher that did this activity with her class is teaching first grade this year. We are having our lion dance this Friday (the 23rd). I am curious to see if the teacher has her first graders dressed up in these cute hats this year - the Year of the Ox.

Cutest hats I've ever seen!

I thought the same thing :)


Those are so cute and colourful. Great choice!

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