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"hope"~ PhotoHunt



Peace Road...Road of Peace

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Great take on this week's theme. If only the Road of Peace was a road to peace, Happy New YEar

beautiful significance. happy NY!


Awesome photohunt theme! What a coincidence that my last entry was on the same theme - hope really is abounding this time of year! Love your photos, where is that particular Via della Pace? Reminds me of the rainbow pace flags I saw all over Florence and Venice in October...think I'll add one of those images to my entry!


I hope we're on the road to a more peaceful year too...

Very nice! We are definitely on the same wave length with hopes for peace!

Have a great weekend!


Very nice.

I love that photo! We'll be on the road to hope and peace on January 20th.

Wonderful post for the hope theme. Wishing you peace, health and happiness in the year ahead.

Ah, that elusive road to peace...

I 'hope' you get a chance to come see my post and leave your link.
Happy New Year!

Where is it?

I played too :)

Ahhh, now that's a good one! :)

A wonderful picture!


Perfect photo, Girasoli! We ARE on the road to peace and hope, we have to be.

This photos must be near Santa Maria della Pace, and that delightful Antico Caffe della Pace, si? Near Piazza Navona?

Now, that's hopeful! What a perfect name for a street in Rome.
Thanks for posting this, I love it!
Happy New Year!

Aloha: Touche, Girasoli - great sentiment. So be it, M

What a beautiful photo! I would love to live on Via della Pace.

Thanks everyone! Wouldn't it be nice to be on the road to peace. The year has not started well, but there is always hope!

Anne, Roma!

Sandra, you are correct. I took the photo of Via della Pace on my way to Osteria del Gallo for dinner one night. I had to google it to check the location. It is smack dab next to Santa Maria della Pace. I checked my pictures and I even took a picture of Santa Maria della Pace. I had no idea at the time when I took the photo what the name of the church was and just realized now that it was Santa Maria della Pace (after matching it up to a few google images). I have learned so much from you! I don't remember Antico Caffe della Pace but I could have seen it nearby.

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