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last of the festival events of Sant' Erasmo

The last of the three festival events I attended was the "Processione sulla Banchina con i tradizionali "CRISTI" e la Confraternite." This took place at 6pm, starting at the church and ending across the street at the marina. The men took turns carrying the crosses. They looked pretty heavy and there were a few moments when I thought one of the men would topple over while attempting to balance their cross. The procession was short with more cars stuck in traffic than out watching the parade. I thought it was pretty cool even though it was not well attended.












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That is a beautiful cross. It must have been a wonderful experience to be there for the festival and witness the different events. I'm hoping someday to travel to Italy in the summer, even if it's hot and humid.

I somehow missed this post - awesome photos! I'd love to see a procession like this in Italy.

Maria and Annie, I thought about both of you when posting these photos...knowing you would both enjoy these photos. It really was a lovely parade. I was amazed at how they carried the crosses because they were so heavy and had to keep changing people doing the carrying every 5 or so minutes.

Maria, except for the summer of 2003 when they had the terrible heat wave - every day in the 100's, nights rarely dipping below 90, the weather really is not too unbearable. Of course, I love warm weather so it bothers me less than many others. Hey if you ever go in the summer, we might be able to meet up!


Holy moly, those crosses do look heavy! How marvellous that you got to see this, and in the absence of huge crowds - bonus!

Anne, it was amazing to see them so close up. I should have taken some video of the men carrying the crosses. I wonder just how heavy they were.

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