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the big chill

ani-brrr.gifBrrrr!!! It was downright chilly here last night. I will refrain from using the word "freezing" as I am well aware of the icy, bitter, hypothermic cold temperatures many of you (except softdrink) are enduring.

It was 58 degrees at 1 am last night and with the temperature dropping even lower to 54 degrees in my neighborhood over night. That is teeth chattering COLD weather for us whimps here in Hawaii. It rarely drops below 60 degrees here. Remember now, we do not have heat. The best we can do is close our windows to try to keep some of the the cold out. Now, I am not expecting any sympathy from anyone experiencing the frigid temperatures everywhere else. I just wanted to share the latest weather news here in Hawaii.

Stay warm everyone. I will be cozy warm under my down comforter tonight and for the next few nights until it warms up again. Heading off to find my fleece socks to warm up my toes.

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That is cold, especially without heat! I'd be miserable.

We're experiencing a cooling trend. It was only 70 here today. And they took the rain out of this week's forecast. :-(

I was just outside for a few minutes talking to my neighbors. My ears are nippy and my fingers are chilly and it is only in the 60's right now. Brrrr!!!

Hope the temps don't drop any lower for you and you get that rain you need. It is dry here, so no rain from us heading your way for a while.

I'm on quote two of three to get heating and cooling put into my house.

How high was the daytime temperature? When I lived in Puerto Rico, we considered anything below 70 degrees to be cold. We actually had sweaters that we wore only at night during the Holiday season.


Oh, I do sympathize! That definitely sounds brrrrrr-y without heat. We keep our house heated at around 65F, and even at that we always have lap blankets (or in my case, a prayer shawl!) wrapped around us in the evenings when sitting and relaxing.
Stay warm, my friend!


Wow, those temperatures would definitely be a shock! Especially if you don't have central heating [I take it your car doesn't have a block heater either :) ]

Bundle up and perhaps break out the thermal underwear that you take to Italy in case of cold weather. And drink lots of hot chocolate, that always warms the spirits!

You do have my sympathy, BTW. When a person is not prepared or equipped to deal with cold, it can be awfully bitter. It hope the weather changes for you soon.

An 80% chance of snow in NC tonight, with expected accumulation of 3-5 inches! I'm so excited...a snow day on Inauguration Day!

I'm right there with you! I have a turtleneck and cords on, and it is 71! But the heater is set to 72! Bundle up tonight. I am preparing myself for 40s at night in Paso.


by the way, I just posted "Cool visitor stats #2" on my blog - the map from StatCounter - because you actually show up on that one!

G: No comment :-)

Only kidding - I feel for you, really! Glad you still have a down comforter and warm socks.. Wishing for 80, I mean 70, no -60 degree weather...Hang in there, M

PS: spring training starts soon - something to warm your heart.

Barb Cabot:

Girasoli, I will be sending you warm vibes and hoping that your weather warms up. Thank goodness for down comforters. Take care. (ps loved the red hat photo!)

You are all so so kind, especially since you are all living in places where it is much colder. It went back down to 54 last night. It wasn't that bad since I could stay in bed til it warmed up a little. It started warming up about 10 am and ended up being a beautiful day - either high 70's or maybe low 80's today. It is supposed to be a little warmer tonight - 59 or 60 and then it might get a little colder again for a few more nights. Really though, I will definitely survive (although when standing outside last night, ear muffs did cross my mind).

Leslie, you don't have heating? I thought it got much colder there during your winter time than it does here. Good luck with your quotes.

Maria, if we don't hit the 80's here, especially if it is not sunny out, many of us are also cold (me included). Yesterday I think it got up to 77. Today the sun was nice and warm but took a while to warm up. I am definitely a wimp!

Anne, I try not to travel in any season but summer because it is too cold inside when the temperature is kept at 65. I was sitting on my couch wrapped up in my fleece blanket much of the morning. Thanks for the 2nd map on your blog :)

sandra, no my car does not have a block heater, but I have on occasions put the regular heat on (or is that a block heater?). If I was going to be spending a long period of time outside while it was in the 50's, I would be busting out my long undies, but my fleece blanket and down comforter have done the job while I have been inside my house.

Annie, if we have to have cold here, oh how I wish it would snow! I love snow!! And really miss it. Have a wonderful day!!

Palma, I knew you would know just what I was talking about. 40's are really cold. Double brrr!!!

menehune, sorry...I know you are missing Hawaii. Wish I could send some warm weather your way. Been checking in with the Sox every day. Also been watching the Manny status...interesting that he is still (unless I missed something) without a team. Perhaps karma is in play?

Barb, thanks! My down comforter is very warm...sometimes too warm. I really can't complain too much. Our "cold snap" will not last too long. I know I am a very lucky person to live in such a warm and beautiful place. Glad you liked my hat photo. I am hoping the teacher who is now teaching 1st grade will make them with her kids again this year so I can get some more pictures.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Girasoli, that's a cool graphic! :) I wonder if the cold has anything to do with that storm system that was expected.

Hope it warms up for you. Stay warm and don't forget to set your alarm for the big day tomorrow!

Hi Kathy, this cold front was (I think) a good thing that drove out the high wind storm and may have helped drive it north of us. It is interesting because everyone thinks the weather is just sunny and warm every day, but we have many variations of weather. I have always been interested in weather (am one that could watch the weather channel for hours) and like listening to how the jet streams affect things as well as what direction the storm is coming from, what types of winds, etc., all of which determine the type of weather we will be having.

Less than 10 hours now and Obama will be our president! Early coverage begins at 2 am and the big event coverage I think begins at 5 or 6 am...but after searching for the exact schedule, I found out that the offical inauguration begins at 6:30 am here, with Obama getting sworn in at 5:56 am. I will record the early stuff and get up around 5 or 6...depending on how early I can get to bed tonight. I am so excited, that it will probably be difficult to sleep tonight. Maybe some chamomile tea will help.

Hi G: It's a great day, for sure, especially because Hawaii will be highlighted in many festivities. My sister, an Obama-fanatic, took the day off and has already called me to inform me that Punahou led the parade. Ty's bummed that he couldn't take the day off but is hoping for re-runs....Stay warm and enjoy the inauguration. I'm watching it in work - truly a history-making day... M


We live at 1,000 ft elevation here on Kauai and had a fire going in the morning and at night. It took an extra quilt made by my Great Grandma, on top of a super merino wool afghan, to keep warm while sleeping.

menehune, it was a great day indeed! I sipped my hot tea and was under my fleece until midday when it warmed up. Nothing compared to the cold everyone in DC felt though.

Rob, didn't realize you were on Kauai. I was there on New Year's Eve once when it dipped down into the 50's. That was near the beach at the Mariott. Brrr!! It must be mighty cold where you are located. Glad you have a fire place to help warm up your place. Thanks for stopping by. Stay warm :)

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