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gelato in Bologna

Gelato ~ Reason #4 why I love Bologna.

My first gelateria experience in Bologna was at Gelateria Gianni (Via Montegrappa 11) two years ago. Gelateria Gianni just happens to be located close to the two towers. I went there as a reward after climbing to the top of the Asinelli Tower. I seem to remember ordering peach and coconut but can’t be sure. I do remember sitting outside the gelateria savoring every lick as I recovered from my tower climb. I returned to Gelateria Gianni last year, ordering mela verde and pesca (green apple and peach). I was surprised by how much I liked the green apple gelato.


My second gelateria experience in Bologna was at Grom (Via d'Azeglio, 13). Grom is located just outside of Piazza Maggiore and was conveniently on the way to my hotel. I stopped there a couple of times during my stay, ordering nocciola and pistacchio (hazelnut and pistachio) both times. YUMMY!! The pistacchio was sooooo good at Grom! Check out this great link for more photos of Grom in Bologna.

My third gelateria experience in Bologna was at La Sorbetteria (Via Castiglione, 44). If Pasticceria Laganà was not closed when I arrived, I might not have gone to La Sorbetteria. After realizing that Pasticceria Laganà was closed, I took out my food notes and map of Bologna, trying to figure out where to go next. I remembered reading that La Sorbetteria was a very famous gelateria in Bologna and realized that this gelateria was not too far away from Pasticceria Laganà. La Sorbetteria was pretty easy to find. It was located halfway between Pasticceria Laganà and my hotel.

When ordering gelato, I usually order the smallest size cone (which comes with two flavors). Since it was my last day in Bologna, I decided to order the medium size cone at La Sorbetteria (which comes with three flavors). I ordered nocciola, pistacchio, and caffè (hazelnut, pistachio, and coffee). The gelato was wonderful!! I had every intention of taking a photo, but the cone cup my gelato came in had a leak in the bottom. It was a hot daynand the gelato was dripping all over the place. I ended up with gelato all over my hands. It was quite a sticky mess.

I have yet to try gelato at:

Stefino - via Galiera 49.

Gelateria delle Moline - via delle Moline 13.

Il Gelatauro - via San Vitale 82.

This gives me three more reasons why I need return to Bologna!

At this point, I can't really choose a favorite gelateria from the three I have tried. In my opinion, Gelateria Gianni, Grom, and La Sorbetteria all serve award winning gelato.

For more info on Gelato in Bologna check out:

Guide to Gelato in Bologna

Everything Bologna (scroll down towards the bottom for the gelato info)

Bologna Gelaterie (in Italian)

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Girasoli, ooh now I'm craving a nice cup of gelato! I notice there's a bit of a crowd in the photo! I haven't had a gelato in more than a year so I'm due! :)

Have a great weekend!

Ooh girasoli, I can't wait to have my next cup of gelato, I am way overdue.

G: Haven't yet had a gelato I didn't like - mess and all! Menehune

Now you're just being bad. I'd be soooooooo happy with a cup of gelato right now - the good stuff, of course!

There is a Grom in Venice now, in the San Barnaba area. I've read raves about it but have not tried it yet. That's a cool photo - a very mod looking place!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Gianni got a new sign since I was there last! I love Sorbetteria Castiglione, it is fantastic! I wasn't a huge fan of Gelatauro but of course it is not bad either.


Girasoli, I am so enjoying your Bologna posts! My visit was far too short, and you're making me want to try to get there again as soon as I can!

Kathy, there was a pretty big crowd there both time I went. That is why I wasn't able to take any good gelato photos.

candi, I feel the same way. There is a guy from Torino who makes gelato here on Oahu. It is good, but just not the same as good gelato in Italy. I really miss it.

menehune, I have had a couple of bad ones, mainly bad pistachio (the fake green kind). I have learned not to order pistachio unless I get a taste first or know it is a good gelateria.

jerry, I try :)

Annie, I didn't know that. I really loved Grom. Lucky New Yorkers to have a Grom there. Wonder if it is as good. Gelateria Gianni was quite hip :)

Chiocciola, didn't know the sign was new. I am so glad you told me about Laganà and it worked out perfectly that it was closed. Good to know about Gelatauro.

Amy, glad you are enjoying my posts on Bologna. After writing these last few posts, I have been dreaming about going back. I even checked on apartments today.

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