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10 things I love about Bologna

I decided to blog for the next few days or so about some of the reasons I love Bologna. I figured this would be a great way to help me come up with ideas to keep on blogging daily through the month of February. Blogging about some of the reasons I love Bologna will also give me a chance to share my love of this wonderful city with everyone.

For today, I leave you with my list...

The 10 things I love about Bologna:

1. The food

2. Torre degli Asinelli (Asinelli Tower)

3. The food markets

4. Gelato

5. The porticoes

6. Il Santuario della Madonna di San Luca (Sanctuary of the Madonna of San Luca)

7. Piazza Maggiore

8. The beautiful buildings

9. Santo Stefano

10. Museo Ebraico di Bologna (Jewish Museum of Bologna)

There is so much more to Bologna than my list of 10 things and I am sure if I spent a month or so in Bologna, my list would be much longer. There are many more wonderful churches in Bologna. I have only listed a few my favorite churches. I imagine there are many more wonderful museums also to visit in Bologna. I attempted to visit a couple of them during my last day in Bologna but unfortunately found out that there was some sort of official museum meeting taking place that day and all the museums were closed except for the Egyptian section of the Museo Civico Archeologico.

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I've only been there twice, briefly, but I did really enjoy it, and it's on my list. :)

I've never really thought about Bologna, but this made me want to go there!

I also like the idea of a post "Ten Things I Love About..."

Looking forward to learning more about Bologna. My tour group stopped and had lunch there on my first (guided) tour of Italy. The food (and wine!) were awesome but we didn't go anywhere else in the city except to the restaurant.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Girasoli, thank you for your list of the ten top things you love about Bologna! I, of course, will bookmark them too as ya just never know! :)

Thanks and have a great day off today!


This is fabulous, Girasoli, thank you for this list! I’m already dreaming of the food I’ll get to try in Bologna (hmmm, it’s now clear that one week there won’t be enough!)

Of course, with your love of towers I can understand point #2. I’m pretty to keen to climb it myself! The porticos sound lovely, as does San Stefano. I’m really interested in hearing more about the Jewish museum!


Love the 10 things idea, too.
I haven't yet made it to Bologna. I just have to add it to my list.


Bologna just sounds more and more intriguing all the time. Thanks for sharing your ideas and I too look forward to reading more!


This is so great! I look forward to reading everything you write about Bologna... it's making me all the more excited to be there. I know it must be bringing back nice memories for you...

Leslie, so many places to visit and so little time! I also have a list :)

kaydee, I think you would enjoy Bologna. It is a bustling city with lots of cars and traffic, but it is also a city that is not as full of tourists as Rome, Venice, and Florence. It is very unique with so much to see and do.

Annie, didn't know you went on a tour to Italy.

Kathy, you must visit Bologna one day!

sandra, writing these posts has made it very clear that six days was not long enough...but it was a nice start. I hope theses posts will help you with your travels this summer.

jan, didn't know you haven't been to Bologna yet. You would love the food there.

Anne, it is a very cool place to visit!

dana, after spending much of the weekend thinking about Bologna, I am now actually thinking about returning there on my next trip! It has brought back wonderful memories.


G: Thanks for exposing me to Bologna - have never been but am wanting to see it now that I am becoming familiar with it. Can't wait to see more, M

Oh Bologna! Too great for words, almost. I agree with many of your points. I love Piazza Santo Stefano, it might be my favorite piazza there.

menehune, if you like good food, you will love Bologna.

Chiocciola, I would love to hear about your top 10 sometime since you have spent so much time there.

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