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fab-u-lous blog award

Both Palma of Palmabella's Passions and Candi of Candi's Corner: Wanderlust and Passions have awarded me this "Fab-u-lous Blog Award" last week.


Thank you Palma and Candi for giving me this award :D You are both FAB-U-LOUS!!

I have decided to go a different way in taking about things that I think are fabulous. I am in the midst of planning my 10th trip to Italy. I have been thinking a lot about how planning has changed in the past 10 years and how much more convenient things are now that the internet has become so popular.

So here goes...

5 Fabulous ways the internet has helped me with trip planning and travel:

1. Slow Travel. I cannot say enough about how my travels have changed since I discovered Slow Travel. Not only has Slow Travel become an important community in my life, but it is also a site where you will find a wealth of information on trip planning, hotel and vacation rentals, restaurant reviews, and experiences from other travelers. If you need to plan a trip, Slow Travel should be your first stop. One of the my favorite links on Slow Travel is Slow Travel Talk.

2. Blogging. Before being asked by Kim to start a Slow Travel blog (Kim you are Fabulous!), I created yearly trip blogs to share my travels with friends and family. After starting my blog, shave ice & gelato, the world of blogging changed. I began to get more comments, I started becoming brave enough to leave comments on other blogs, I made many fabulous friends through blogging, and I became part of a blogging community. Through this blogging community, I have found fabulous travel tips, ideas, recommendations, and even places to put on my wish list (if I ever can tear myself away from Italy).

I do have to give a special thanks to Dana of Stresa Sights for inspiring me to go to Stresa this year and for taking time out of her vacation in Stresa to check out a couple of hotels for me and to Kim of What I Really Think for asking me to start my blog and for coming to the rescue whenever I have had a blogging problem. There are so many other bloggers I also need to thank (too many to name) for helping me with my trip planning. Check out my sidebar where you will find a list of many fabulous bloggers/blogs to help you with your travel plans (listed under both "Blogs" and "Italy Blogs").

3. Hotel Booking Sites: There are many fabulous hotel booking sites out there that have made booking hotels a much easier task. These sites provide information about hotels, hotel reviews, and secure connections for your credit card information. Three of my favorites are: Venere.com and Booking.com and WorldBy.com.

4. Trenitalia. Trains have been my main means of transportation while in Italy. I would not have been able to plan my Italy trips without access to this very informative site. If you can read basic Italian, you might want to also check out the Italian version of Trenitalia, where you will find more train information. Because of the many train strikes in Italy, you will also need to keep informed about possible train strikes in order to travel successfully. The second most important train travel website you will need is a Strike (or Sciopero) website. Summer in Italy provides Italy strike information on not only trains but on all transport strikes taking place in Italy that may affect your travels.

5. Google. I know I have mentioned Google before, but for all other travel needs, google is the first place I go in search of websites and travel related information.

So there you have it, 5 Fabulous ways the internet has helped me with trip planning and travel.

I am supposed to also give a Fabulous award to 5 more blogs. I am having a difficult time choosing just 5 so I am giving my award to all the blogs on my sidebar. I think they are all FAB-U-LOUS!!

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girasoli, very well said. I love all your fabulous things. Isn't trip planning just great?


Your blog really IS fabulous! You put so much work and thought into it. It's very appreciated.

What a fabulous list! It's so true, trip planning is so much more fun now. I can barely remember the days when I'd buy books, talk to travel agents, and it was so often a crap shoot.

Excellent awards! I also love looking at the TrenItalia site and see possible places to go!


A very thoughtful, and fabulous, list Girasoli. The internet (and Slow Travel) have really revolutionized travel planning for me -- it's so rewarding now to travel independently. I love trip planning and with the amazing resources we have, it's possible to weigh all of kinds of wonderful options.

Your blog is definitely fabulous, you put a great deal of thought and creative energy into your posts and I always look forward to seeing what you have for your audience.

(BTW, I owe you an email -- the Bologna hotel question is beginning to haunt me!)


Great list,Girasoli. It is hard to even imagine the days of planning with only a Guidebook and, maybe, a Travel Agent. For me, the Internet research is almost as fun as the trip!

I agree with you on your fabulous list! I remember planning a trip in the pre-Internet days and it was fun but so time consuming. Now it is so much easier and the possibilities and choices seem endless.

candi, thanks! It is fun to plan a trip, even though at times it seems to consume me.

jan, I really appreciate your compliment. Glad you appreciate my blog :)

Annie, I can't even imagine leaving my trip plans all up to a travel agent. I only used a travel agent to help me plan part of my first trip to Europe back in 1999. Even though she was very nice I think I have done a better job on my own since then.

Chiocciola, I was lost today when I went on Trenitalia. It took me a while to figure out all of the changes. It is a great site though even though it often drives me crazy.

sandrac, for me at times though the wealth of information seems to overwhelm me with too many choices! I do always figure it out in the end, but at times it does drive me crazy! Thanks for the compliment about my blog. I am sorry Bologna is driving you crazy.

sheri, I agree. I too cannot imagine giving any control to a travel agent today. I love having control over my trip plans.

María, the internet really has revolutionized trip planning. It definitely was more time consuming, especially having to wait days or weeks for an answer to a question or in inquiry on a hotel before the internet was possible.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Girasoli, great post! I love your list of Fabulous ways in which the internet has helped to plan your travels. There is so much information out there now that it has now become a lot more important to find the right and more credible information when planning. And so I have to completely agree with your # 1 & #2! ST and the blogging community is a major source of inspiration and a valuable resource for trip planning. And reports and blogs like your Fabulous Blog and also your list of Fabulous Blogs contain great resource links to make planning an independent travel trip much easier.

Thanks for sharing your fabulous lists!


You're welcome girasoli! It was a pleasure to be able to help you out in Stresa. I so agree with everything you've said here... Isn't it just amazing what the Internet has done for us all in terms of travel... As well as for everything else...

Congratulations on your well-deserved award for your fab-u-lous blog!



aw shucks - hey, you deserve it!

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