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"four"~ PhotoHunt




Information on Via delle Quattro Fontane from Yahoo Travel:

"The road was built by Pope Sixtus V and was part of a long straight stretch called the Strada Felice together with the Via Sistina which continues after it meets Piazza Barberini. The name came from the complex of fountains that adorns it at the crossroads of Via XX Settembre and Via del Quirinale. At this point there are four large statues on each corner of the crossroads that represent two rivers, the Arno and Tiber, the goddess Diana and the god Juno."

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girasoli, great take in the theme! You have brought back pleasant memories to us. These fountains were like our "backyard" when we stayed at the apartment in Piazza Barbarini last year.

Oh my - now that's excellent! :)

Four points of history. Beautiful statues. I invite you to come see my backcountry take on four. - Margy


Wow!! Those are great pictures! Absolutely perfect for the theme.

Beautiful shots for four! I was thinking of using the '4 Rivers' fountain in the Piazza Navona for my picture but went a slightly different route.

Nice photos. I walked by Piazza Barberini many times back in 2001 but don't recall seeing the fountains. I should check my photos (non digital) to see if I just have bad memory.


Great photos, Girasoli! The four look so clear and lovely. I remember the first time I hunted these out in Rome, I was so intimidated and distracted by all of the traffic at this intersection, I couldn't really appreciate them. I've gone back a few times ( especially because I love the Palazzo Barberini nearby) and I've learned to relax and enjoy the four fountains more.

That's an aspect of Italy that I love -- I can see certain things -- fountains, art, piazzas -- many times and always find something new to love and appreciate in them.

Great photos. I love the color tone on all those statues. This is one of many things I missed in Rome, sigh. Happy weekend.

Ah, Rome! What a wonderful place. Everywhere you turn you find art.

I posted a FOUR also. Please take a look if you can: http://blog.feefifoto.com. Thanks.

One of the many reasons I love these blogs is discovering new things. I will visit Italian cities with a new perspective .. great photos and learning experience - mahalo, M

These are so exquisite. What a great take on the four theme.

Thanks everyone :)

Maria, they are up the street from Piazza Barberini at a crazy intersection.

Sandra, you are right. It really is crazy and intimidating with all the traffic and crowds.

I love all the fountains in Rome. There are so many of them everywhere.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Girasoli, great photos for this week's four theme! I missed seeing this fountain when I was in Rome. It's very beautiful and a great choice for PH week!

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